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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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This sight has seriously improved my life, I can't stop thinking about drag racing and tracking my turbo miata again.

Now for that group hug..........ahhhhhhhhh.
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see, thats how it should work. a newb comes in with an attitude and gets schooled because they realize that if they act like a douche, they lose a lot of technical information on the site. this noob has redeemed himself a little so, while he might be annoying, he's not going to get banned just yet.

feel free to let this thread die a quick death and continue the new one he made in the meet and greet section.
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I'm just stunned. Saw some discussion about this debacle in the mod forum, and I can't believe what I am seeing here.

It wasn't 30 days ago that we had the "VIP" conversation, and I thought we all came to an understanding about certain things, like how to handle newbs who ask stupid questions yet do not display any other signs of doucebaggery.

Did everybody read SamNavy's first post in this thread? If not, go back and do that now. That's how things are supposed to be done in cases like this. He took the time to explain in clear language exactly what why the OP's first post was somewhat deficient, and how to go about improving things. patsmx5 made a useful (if terse) suggestion, and SloS was at least being sarcastic in a non-"go sodomize your grandfather to death with an iron cattle prod" kind of way. Even hustler, god bless him, managed to jump on the OP in a way that was relatively gentle and pretty damn funny.

That would have been enough.

But the rest of you clowns, WTF crawled up your vaginas and died?

18PSI and Sav, what are you trying to accomplish here? I hate to single you guys out because you've been here for a long time and I like you, but get over yourselves. I'm sorry that you had to be inconvenienced by someone who doesn't know as much about turbocharging cars as those of us who have been here for years. There's a reason that a lot of folks think MT is nothing but a hangout for flaming ********, and this kind of **** is the reason why.

Ok, so this guy has the word drift in his name. That needs to change. And his first post displayed a moderate degree of ignorance. But it's not like he came on here talking **** and trying to make trouble. Y'all could have made this a lot easier by just ignoring the situation and letting those with cooler heads work it out.
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