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Default power steering relocation question

has anyone here relocated their power steering pump where the a/c is? i plan to take out the a/c.
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not that I've heard of, but it is an interesting idea
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Have you looked into just depowering the steering rack? People that loop the lines or do a full depower the FM way seem to be pretty happy with it. I do know that some of the supercharger guys have a PS bracket that does some sort of relocate. Pretty sure it's not something like replacing the A/C with PS though. That might be a BP superchager part I'm thinking of.
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I had a similar question and got the, just depower it answer to.

so I depowered it and its totally fine! everything but parking lot speeds seems WAY better. its weird. I thought I would hate it but its cool. I havent really driven very much yet but I almost dont notice it with my larger 330mm steering wheel (my old one was a 300mm...)

but Im sure a qualified machine shop can fab a bracket to mount the ps where the Ac sits, the ps has the tensioner so if you mounted it as a unit you retain that... I think it could be done fairly easy really
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i depowered mine and its fine. you get a better feel for the cars movements and every jerk counts now
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If you were to create a bracket of some kind that allowed you to put the PS pump down where the AC compressor was, keep in mind that it will either:

a - need to move (unlike the AC compressor mount) to allow belt tensioning


b - you will need to use the idler pulley that gets used for AC, non PS cars, and this won't free up any space like I assume that you are trying to do.
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yea,there is no need for power steering.my car didnt come with it.i i drive in bumper to bumper traffic an its sill not a big issue.
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well starsky since the powersteering has the adjuster he can transplant the whole unit, that means you dont need the tensioner with the ideal belt, thought probablly a different belt than the stock non AC +ps belt
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