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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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what a bunch of pussies. listen if it's too heavy take some caster out as stated above. as for feel it goes like this: when your front end starts to slide 'cause you're understeering like a dump truck the steering goes light. so the heavier you set it by puting in more caster the more "resolution" (if you will) you'll have. it's easier to feel when the tires are starting to slide( before it's totaly gone) without power assist. a depowered rack will be slightly heavier than a factory manual rack because it has a slightly quicker ratio. if I remember correctly.

Driving a sports car with power steering (no matter how good) is like ******* with a rubber. it gets the job done, but you just can't feel a ******* thing. so if you wanna be a *** and *** ram the road with a rubber go right ahead, but any driver worth his weight in c16 will tell you it's much better to experience that sweet asphalt ***** bareback.
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Originally Posted by spoolin2bars View Post
i hope you mean ''caster'' -4.5 camber would be WILD!
Yeah I meant caster.
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Wow, I can't figure how anyone would need p/s on a Miata. The steering effort, at least for me on a 205/50/15 is very easy. Sitting still its even a 1 arm affair. Once you are rolling at any speed its no different in feel to p/s. Power steering to me dumbs down the feel too much to enjoy. Plus you don't have the steering correct itself in a slide like a manual rack will. On a big and heavy car, yes. But not in a 2000lb Miata.

This is worse than p/s on ATV's, which I can understand even more, since your going over rocks and uneven terrain.
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