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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default TT G35 FMIC help...

CAR is an 2005 Infiniti G35 AT TT w/ 2 gt2552ish turbos. -Last dyno'd ~ 500+ crank hp. (410 whp AT)

I'm a little challenged to get helpful DIY tech from the 350/G35/Turbo sites so thot I'd try here...

I am modifying the FMIC to try to smooth out the bends and generally get better performance.

Current set up Twin turbo- turbo in 2 " turbo out- 2", IC in 2", IC out was 2.5" now 3", TB ~ 3" in.

The IC unit ( work in progress) is two units [19" x 6" x 3" deep] @ a 20 degree angle being fed @ the L/R ends w/ 2" inlets. -Rear exit makes an 90 up and back to TB.

The two IC units are welded together in the center and I added a L/R curved deflector to attempt to transition the air thru the sharp turn out the exit.

Without the deflector the L/R incoming air will be slamming head on each other.
It the deflector going to help?

Where there are turns of ~ 90 degrees or more would increasing the dia. help....? IC inlet is now 2". -I'm thinking of going to a 2.5" 90 with smooth transitions .back to 2".

Is going from 2.5 to 3 at the IC exit help...its a sharp bend?... + 2 x 2" inlets and 2.5 out seems a little small.

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If I were to think like an air molecule, that setup is creating a problem for even flow distribution. Ignore the fact that it looks like a very cool setup, and think about how you are asking the air to move. Air doesn't like to turn abruptly, if at all.

If you assume even pressure from both sides, then the center collector will make that air turn, but also mix. You will have massive stagnation creating a small section of high velocity air, and a large section of low velocity air. If you rotate your outlet to favor one direction, you do the same with your air from each turbo.

I would say the deflector is worse because the effective collector size is so small. I think the best result would be individual collectors with a merge closer to the TB. Only way to do it right would be to take it to a flowbench.
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There is so much compromise with all this.....
This is a Jim wolf Kit on both.

Here is the original set up-

A 350z set up. The molecules exit out the back but do collide before that.
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