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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Originally Posted by hrk View Post
Well, how does the EBC make 3 psi pressure if the spring is open fully at 7 psi?
Is the Tial open partly at 3 psi?

That's what I was wondering? How can the EBC solenoid decrease wastegate pressure?
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Well guess i don't have any documents to back that up.
I have a 7psi spring in my Tial when run with just a signal line off the compressor it ran at 7 psi all day long on my boost gauge.
I installed the Tullos and ran it at the default which is 5 psi. It would read up to 5psi and never any more. I guess i didn't take into account the possibility of the two pieces(gauge,controller) reading the same amount of boost as different pressures. So it's very possible that i was actually still running 7 but the tullos controller was saying i was at 5. I would test it more and back myself up but the damn car is grounded so i can't. If i can back myself up later i'll post why. I thought that the solenoid would bleed signal pressure allowing the WG to open at lower pressures than the spring was rated for but like i said could be wrong. Sorry

So yeah now that I think about it I was pretty much not thinking straight when i said that. Anyway i don't know any way that you could easily get the WG to bleed boost at lower than 7 psi. Tial has a 3.6 psi spring available and that's as small as they go. I don't think you can shim, cut, heat that spring to any extent that you'll be able to achieve an accurate lower boost value.

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I dont think the ebc can... unless it has a tiny compressor to feed the wastegate the spring pressure on command...

as far as I know the only way to do this is to swap out the wg spring.
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Yeah definitely no tiny compressor in the GM solenoid.
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Your GM MAP sensor just reads and outputs [to the Tullos] a different PSI reading than your boost gauge. That's how my EBC and boost gauge are.
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Big thanks to all who helped getting the car to the track last weekend. WOT and Bandit for parts and numerous other people for advice.

Some random photos of getting the car ready here:

Weekend story is written here:

There will be in car video once I get it out.

In meanwhile here is a link to a video from Thunder class Corvette Z06

Some issues, but there was a steep learning curve.
See you at Road Atlanta March 17-18.

Even untuned, 7 PSI, base timing 6 degrees, and stock injectors maxed out the car was a beast! AFR kept 10.9-12.3 below 6500 rpm under load. Above 6500 it went lean quick and made me pull back throttle.
I quess I need to dyno tune this one so I get some sense to ignition timing.


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