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Default White smoke help :(

Just recently turbo charged my miata 95 model, I also rebuilt a journal bearing t28 as well, running 3an lines to the feed and 12an drain.

I thought using a 3an would of prevented me from having to use a restrictor, but I was wrong as I saw all the smoke coming out of the tail pipe.. I was only able to find a 1mm restrictor locally but after reading about it I read 1.5mm is more suitable for journal bearing turbos.. The closest thing I can find was the 1/8" rivet trick.. I'm not sure what the size of the hole on this one is but from what I saw its about 2mm, I popped it into the feed...

Diagnosis... On cold start up it doesn't idle with smoke... But as soon as I reverse out and start revving it just pillowed with white smoke again like before .. And it dissipated quite quickly and died off as soon as I drove off.. After the car was warmed up the only kind of smoking I got was when I went into boost.. Other than that it seems sweet.. But i don't want to be putting more and more oil into the car it's getting quite expensive... So i was left to come on here.

Is it worth trying a 1mm or am I going to starve the turbo from oil? I can't seem to find a 1.5mm for a 3an, only for 4an. I can stuff around with fitting adapters... But I'm. Not sure. Any advice on the matter is appreciated.

I've only driven it probably a total of a out an hour.. So would it be worth to keep driving and see if it dies down? Might of built up with crap loads of oil from driving it straight 3an.
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Yes, you are probably burning off the oil in the cat and exhaust system itself.
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White smoke is usually coolant, oil will have a blue tint. Keep an eye on coolant and oil consumption.
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Must be blue then as I checked my dipstick after the install and a spirit drive to get the tune in.. The turbo blew a whole dipsticks worth of oil!! I had to top it off again with oil.. So there must be a fair bit of oil left in the system for it to be smoking up...

Would a blown turbo always be smoking regardless of temperature?
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My crankcase vents occasionally freeze up in winter if I don't empty out the catch tank. I know it's frozen up because of the obscene amount of smoke coming out of the tailpipe.
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Are you sure there is not kink in the drain. Even as small blockage can cause oil loss and smoke.
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