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Default 460cc injector installation on NB EMU

Hello again. One quick question it may sound dumb. I am planning to install my RX7 injectors (460cc) this weekend and am running EMU on stock injectors currently. once i install the injectors what do i need to do in the EMU to run them successfully? can anyone walk me through this? do i just change it in the parameters? what is a good idea? like always thanks guys
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first you need to go to parameter settings and change
the IJ size in the I/J folder.

When your wbo2 shows 14,7 on idle, the correction factor is fine.
Using only the sizes you know, like 250 before, now 440,
will give a bad result.

After the car runs fine on idle, your autotune will do the rest.

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Yup. It'll look a bit like this, though obviously you will be using 4 channels rather than two:

There's been a lot of debate as to the correct numbers. Personally, I put the actual injector sizes into these boxes. 205 for the old blue-tops, and 440 for the new Ford injectors. The lag time fields are somewhat of a guess, but try starting with these numbers.

All else being equal, you should be able to achieve a perfect idle with the true size numbers in these boxes, and with zero correction in the non-boosted cells of your I/J map. Use the lag time fields to fine-tune until you achieve this goal- perfect idle. Note that early Miata ECUs tend to idle slightly on the lean side of stoich. Mine for instance seems to swing around 15.0 or 15.1, rather than 14.7. Just make a note of where yours is idling with the stock injectors, and try to match this exactly.
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