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Default ECM w/ EMU cannot see narrowband o2

Hi all - I am hoping that you can direct me to the best path forward.
I'm running a EMU with an AEM wideband. I presently cannot pass OBD-II readiness, as the stock computer literally cannot see the narrowband o2 sensors.

Is my EMU getting in the way?

I know that the O2 is good, as I just replaced it.

I am using OBD-Link, and the O2 sensor shows nothing....

Also - I know that the O2 sensor is not being seen, as it is OBVIOUS when the ECM kicks inot closed mode - hunting idle / choking / etc.

I have plugged up the EGR port - but if that was the issue, I would think that I would get a rightful EGR code...besides, that test is run later, after o2 check.

Could I be missing a ground? I know that the ribbon strap is in place. Should I ground the exhaust again? Maybe a ground at the ECM?

Please advise - very confused.

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Is your narrow band o2 sensor signal spliced in parallel to the emanage and ecu? If yes then try disconnecting it from the emanage to see if the problem goes away.

What type of o2 sensor do you have? Normally there are 4 wire sensors on later model years so there is a dedicated ground in the sensor harness.

You say that you just replaced the narrow band sensor. If you spliced in a new sensor then double check the wiring. (Typically the lambda cable connector plug has 2 copper connectors for the lambda signal and 2 brass connectors for the heater wires.)
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