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Default EMB + E85 conversion, max injector size?

I'm still on my supercharger conversion, but looking at the gas prices here in Germany (8$ a gallon for the cheapest pump gas ) I decided to do a E85 conversion (5$ a gallon ) .

I already purchased 305ccm Supra injectors which seemed to be the max. Size the Emb can handle... but with E85, I think I will need about 20-25% more fuel to keep an equal wideband value.

so 1.25 x 305 are roughly 370ccm, next best fitting injector size would be the 420ccm Supra injectors...

Do you think the emb can still handle these (420ccm for E85 would be the equivalent of 336ccm on pump gas)...
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I'd plan for about 30% more fuel, just a heads up.
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Talk to markp. I think he either completed or was considering a switch to E85. He was planning on using 880cc injectors.

The EMB will do 440 (I know at least one person doing it with good results), but I would just get a megasquirt. Are there legal issues in Germany preventing you from going with an MSPNP?
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E85 is going to require some huge injectors and the EMB can't even support a nice gasoline powered setup.

go MS if you can, otherwise reconsider the E85.
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Is the NB Fuel system compatible with E85? If so, whats the fuel tank made of and will it fit in an NA?
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You guys are getting yourselves all mixed up here. the limitation on the emb is that with Gas it will run too rich with too bigger injectors fitted because it cant "trim out" enough fuel. With E85 you will be able to run significantly more injector than with gas because the engine can take the extra E85 that it cant with gas... i think that runnin 440's with e85 would be doable, if not a bit marginal. If it was bit rich with the 440's then change the timing crystal from 4Mhz to 4.4Mhz for a 10 fuel trim to base your new system off.
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