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Default Jumper Settings & EMU

Following on my saga with the CEL P0351 / P0352 on my 2004 Turbo Roadster (JDM version of the 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata)

I have decided to see what jumper settings my tuner have put in for EMU -

All are in order except for
JP8 2-3 (12V ignition trigger)
JP9 open

For JP8 - after reading through the various posts - most people agree that the 1.8 should use a 12V and 1.6 using the 5V. I have tried both settings but still get the CEL P0351/P0352.
Interestingly - I was reading through the technical manual for the MSM and one of the test procedures for the ignition trigger involves using an oscilloscope and the voltage shown on the diagram is about 4.2V. Furthermore another section that deals with testing the ignition coil involves using a 12V battery and 3V dry cell in reverse polarity to get ?9V to trigger the coil (so I'm very confused here).

For JP9 (open for normal, 1-2 for Mazda Hotwire system)- it was left open by my tuner instead of 1-2 as suggested by most of the other people here - although my car was running well with it left open.
I proceeded to jumper it 1-2 and reattached the EMU to the car - the car will then crank, start and immediately die off (tried several times) - I put JP9 to open again and the car is fine again.

Any comments on the JP9 setting?

BTW my car idles fine and and has no issues with hot start or driving with or without boost. (My tuner told me that the best way to retain good idling / starting characteristics with or without A/C, electrical load is to retain the stock injectors and add subinjectors to supplement the fuel during the high boost / high load situations)


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