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Default FMII Link stuttering Q's

Hi, I have a 97 with an old FMII kit and a LINK ecu. I'm on spring break for a week and want to dive into my issue when I get back so I want to do some recon now.

I can't find my exact issue with a search so I figured I'd put on my flame suit and post.

When I bought the car this summer it ran perfect, we had a really harsh winter and it started to miss-out. I changed the plugs and wires and it still misses (it's pretty warm now about 60). What happens is the car will hiccup and stutter at the boost transition. It idles and cruises fine and boosts pretty clean, but if you run it at atmospheric it'll act funny.

At first because winter was so abnormally cold, I thought maybe the tune was off enough that the weather was effecting it, but it's warm now and it's still doing it. I was thinking of throwing a cops kit at it (i'm making about 200whp) as it still has the OG coil pack. Even if it's not the issue, it'd still be a good idea.

I wanted to ask suggestions, if anyone has had this specific issue before and what they did or you think the cops would help.

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A bit of longshot, but check all of your chassis, ECU and engine grounds for corrosion. I'd also check the wire harness at the MAP sensor for corrosion too.
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