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Originally Posted by f_devocht View Post
You beat me to it, but indeed, do NOT reconnect those traces. Having owned a couple of Links, I can confirm that both cuts are supposed to be there on the 1.8 Link.
TurboRoach you should be careful about giving advice like that.
Sorry about that. I had a 1.6 Link and I don't remember there being a note in the manual about the second cut for the 94-95 link.
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well i decided if it was a ground issue i would settle it once and for all.

I took the ecu harness and provided it with new clean grounds direct to the battery.I also created a direct ground for the MAP sensor. Problem still remained :(
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Step 1. I checked and saw I had 2v at the map sensor itself but at the connector I had nothing.
Step 2. I connected 12v to pin 1 from the battery. negative went to pin 4. At pin 2 I had nothing!
At that point I knew it was something on the board.

To confirm I took a 1.5v battery and connected it between ground and pin 4. ECU read something other than 8 I think it was 88.

I went to the Map sensor itself and had 2.2v coming out. Then I went along the electical track until I found a point where I no longer had voltage. After looking carefully I found a crack in a resistor.

A trip to the rat shack got me a replacement ( im shocked they actually had something I needed). Soldered it in and BAM we have success

Then I went after the air temp sensor. Found I had a bad join at the board. Cut off old wire, attached new 1 piece wire and we are back in business!

Car runs like crap but will work on that tomorrow! Very exciting stuff!

Thanks to everyone who helped!

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