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Default Microtech LT10s w/ '99 Coil pack issues

I am having a weird issue on this car. Just got the Microtech LT10s installed (by me). Car is running 600cc injectors, and has a turbo on it.

The Microtech -may- have been sent to use the 1.6L coils (since it was sent to use the early 1.6L CAS). MT is very hard to contact as it appears they only have 1 person who answers emails and he is gone often.

I got the car started and running using the '99 Coil Packs, with the Microtech ignition outputs wired directly to the coils. The problem is, the car dies about 5 seconds after starting when it tries to idle.. I adjusted the fuel mixture and got it to run for 15-20 seconds, but its very very very rough and almost sounds like it is missing a cylinder or something very wrong like that (engine shaking, etc).

What I am looking for is a way to know if the coils are working properly. I tested spark from each plug in test mode and they all spark through a decent spark to the spark plug, but who knows what is going on when the plugs are inside the engine.

Would it benefit me to switch to the early 1.6L coil packs, and if so, would I need an external ingiter or should the Microtech unit be able to drive the coil packs fine? I believe the '99 had the ingiter built into the coils. I tested the trigger output from the Microtech and it appears its around +5v output going to the trigger on the existing coils.

Any advice, input on using the 1.6L coils or any other aftermarket coils would be helpful. I would love to keep the coils mounted in the same spot as stock, and not HAVE to switch to COP's and mess with the mounting bracket, etc.

Please let me know what you guys think. I just want to put coils on the car that will not die on me quickly, and I have heard many issues with the 1.8 coils so I hope this is one of them. If I can go to 1.6 without having to install an ingiter module, that would be awesome.

Enough ranting.. I'll open it up for discussion now.

Edit - On second thought, if it's better.. I'll go with the toyota cop's that people mention so much here. Let me know if they should work fine with the +5v trigger that the microtech unit it sending, and do they have ingiters built in or not, and whats the difference to the ECU?

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