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Default ms woes...base map might as well be blank.

Hello I have a 1990 miata with a 97 motor....
I installed a 90_93Mspnp with a modded vtps mod...
- - -I uploaded the maps for a 96-97 without maf...- -
-I wired my lc1 wideband to the Ms pin 10 and all grounds to one lug on the block as directions recommend....-
- Car started but idled rich....
I was able to adjust the cells to get it to run @13.5-15..- -
but driving is a whole other story...
Basically not even possible.
Goes lean under all conditions....lags....won't rev past 3200rpm....if I have clutch in when it starts to go lean I can give the throttle a quick Jab and it goes rich then when clutch is engaged goes lean again and Boggs....-Autotune won't work because it's so far out of range it can't see the o2.-
I want to tune my car but was hoping there was a start point better than this...I can't even get a decent datalog because car stalls when I come to a stop....
- In the driveway it will idle with no load at a decent I guess I successfully tuned 4cells lol....but I need a better starting point? Are all base maps this fucked? Did I do something wrong?-And yes I did set timing and install a GM iat.
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What injectors did you use? This is key. Didn't see that in your mod list.

Ignoring gains, the amount of fuel injected is "REQ. FUEL" x "Interpolated VE Value." If you are using the '97 injectors, did you also copy over the "REQ. FUEL" value from the 96-97 basemap when you copied over the VE table?

Worst comes to worst, there is a formula for calculating a "REQ. FUEL" value and a VE table auto-generator that should at least get you close.

Keep in mind that "lean" may not mean lean. If you misfire, even if you do so because you've drowned the engine, you will read lean. The oxygen sensor is just that, it detects free oxygen. Plenty of free oxygen when you misfire.
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And did you set the MAP sensor up as a 2.5 bar? The '96-'97 base tune is set up for the 4 bar MAP sensor.
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