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Default Performance Motor Research MAP-ECU2

Ok, so this is the piggyback i'll be running in my MX-5 ("miata"). I've already bought it, so i'll be using it regardless, but I was wondering what you pro's think of it. It seems like it's got everything you could want...

* Fuel control and Air Flow Meter replacement
* Timing control with +/-30 degrees adjustment. Full timing advance and retard control of up to eight (8) channels for Distributor, Group Fire or Coil On Plug configurations using a 20 x 19 (380 zone) table.
* Two (2) complete sets of Fuel, Timing, Auxiliary Injector, O2 Adjust and EBC tables selectable using a dashboard mounted switch.
* OEM O2 Sensor Adjust 26 x 19 (494 zone) table allowing control over Air/Fuel ratios, even in Closed-loop mode.
* Auxiliary Injector control using a 20 x 19 (380 zone) table.
* Electronic Boost Control with ten (10) zones every 1000 RPM
* 0-10,000 RPM. 200 rpm increments 0-2000, 500 rpm increments 2000-10,000 for Fuel and O2 Adjust tables. 500 rpm increments 0-10,000 for Timing and Auxiliary Injector tables.
* Built-in MAP sensor, +35 PSI. Pressure scale is user configurable using a MAP-CAL.
* Frequency based Speed Cut Defender (SCD).
* Frequency based Speed Adjust
* Voltage based Fuel Cut Defender (FCD)
* Launch Control - Target RPM and Clutch Switch input.
* Two Complete (2) maps (Primary/Secondary) for Fuel, Timing, Auxiliary Injector, O2 Adjust & EBC - selectable using one of the configurable inputs.
* Support for optional external MAP sensor input.
* User selectable pressure scale configurations
* Plug compatible with current MAP-ECU harness.
* Three (3) multi-function high current switched outputs configurable as follows:
• NOS solenoid drive
• RPM>0
• Pressure Switch
• RPM Switch
• Auxiliary Injector

* Upgradeable software stored in Flash memory that can be downloaded using MAP-CAL. Does not require removal of MAP-ECU2 from vehicle.
* More horsepower and torque by removal of the restrictive factory air meter and control over timing.
* The ability to use the stock ECM to control larger fuel injectors and/or performance upgrades.
* Alter OEM Air/Fuel ratios, even in Closed-Loop mode, for improved gas mileage or power.
* Retains the daily driveability of the stock ECM which is usually sacrificed with a full aftermarket engine management upgrade.
* Real-time tuning using Window™ based MAP-CAL2 software supplied with the unit.
* High-resolution 494 point Fuel table (0-10,000 RPM and -10 to +35 PSI) allows fine tuning for performance and driveability.
* Ability to run different fuels or performance levels using two (2) completely independent Fuel, Timing, O2 Adjust, Auxiliary Injector and Boost Control tables switchable on-the-fly.
* Built-in display and logging of key engine parameters such as RPM, Throttle Position, Boost Pressure, Airflow, Timing Adjust, Auxiliary Injector Duty, Boost Control Duty.
* On-board support for display and logging of popular aftermarket wideband Lambda sensors/controllers.
* On-board programmable NOS window activation switch can also be used to turn on other accessories at set RPM/PSI points.
* Faster and stronger boost with the on-board programmable Electronic Boost Control (EBC) using solenoid control of the wastegate.
* Fast and repeatable launches using the on-board programmable Launch Control.
* Removal of factory Fuel and Speed Cuts using the on-board programmable Fuel Cut Defender and Speed Cut Defender.
* Compensate for wheel size or gearing changes with the on-board programmable Speed Adjust.
* Drive a Shift Light or alter VTEC™ point with the on-board programmable RPM Switch.
* Single unit can be used for Naturally Aspirated or forced induction applications with user selectable pressure scale configuration.
* Simple upgrade from MAP-ECU using the same 16-Way harness and ability to import and convert V2.1 and V2.2 Fuel tables.
* Simple piggy-back installation only requires 7 wires to operate with no major re-wiring of OEM components.

Sorry if that's too much text to digest. Well I'm not really.

So is this good? bad? lacking important features?
Intelligent discussion/appraisal?
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never heard of it.
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Was searching for info on here about these on Miatas. MAP ECU is big in MKIV Supra community. I used one on my BL67 MKIV. I'm thinking about using one on my Miata to take a road less traveled. You can toss the AFM, it's nice. The newer ones have timing control and other cool features but I'm not sure how much more expensive they are.
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you gotta find someone to tune it cuz nobody here will be able to help you.
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Originally Posted by y8s View Post
you gotta find someone to tune it cuz nobody here will be able to help you.
If you can get a base map from their forums, that will be a start. It has a follow-me function where it plots the cells on the fueling table that the car is using under boost. I had a good base map and took it locally for tuning (you adjust cells in the fuel table and watch your afr's, pretty basic tuning) so I didn't try tuning myself. I may give it a shot and post up about it. I'll be running the BEGI FMU and a Walbro 190 for a little while first though.
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At first when i saw every thing i thought it was the greddy e-manage ultimate seeing how it dose 95% of the same stuff i just dont know if it dose any form of 2 step. If i were you i would look into the greddy same price and also you can get a plug and play harness from boom slang. plus there are people here running them that can help you out on tuning your car.
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