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Question Anyone here use Dyno2000?

Looking for people using Dyno2000. Trying to get it setup so I can compare current setup to changes I am wanting to make with the new build. Maybe its not the best and if not is there a different program I should be using? Thanks in advance.
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I've used it. More as a learning tool, than for actual design. It's no good for turbos; it doesn't model it properly i.e. no backpressure modeling.

P.S. Dynomation appears to be better.

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Haven't used either Dyno2000 or Dynomation before.

I have used Lotus Engine Simulation, but it requires a TON of parameters and properties.

Engine simulation software that doesn't ask for obscene amounts of data such as flow coefficients, material properties, fuel information, elevation, and EVERY geometrical property of the engine is going to generate worthless data. If it's not asking these things, the assumptions it's making are going to make the real world relevance near 0%.

Compiling all of this data would take a very, very long time. On the plus side, you would have the ultimate test bed for worthwhile modifications and extracting maximum output from a Miata motor when it's all said and done.
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