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Originally Posted by 18psi View Post
By the way, is "hellafab" even paying vendor fee's? No? Hmm, I wonder if that should be re-examined.
Not cool. He contributes just like you and I.

Play nice.

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Originally Posted by nitrodann View Post
the serious Miata guys are running Porsche GT2 and GT3 times, for an hour straight.

They are NOT running 10 seconds at a time or 3/4/5th on the highway.
+1. This.
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If there is a problem with studs stretching and the answer is to go to Inconel or other heat-resistant materials, why do we not have problems with the threads being pulled out of the head? Maybe the answer to stretching studs is to go up in diameter so the threads in the head can hold more and there is less stress on the studs. I don't know if there is enough meat in the heads to do this, but if you are going to fabricate something with strength being an issue, this may be the answer.
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First off, because the studs in the head aren't the ones having issues - it's the manifold to turbo studs/bolts.

Second, nobody is really looking for a solution any more because the solution has been found - inconel and locking hardware works great. We've moved on.

Side note: most setups are using M10-size hardware which is already oversized compared to the M8 stuff some kits use. My setup uses inconel M8s and is surviving the track abuse just fine.

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Originally Posted by shlammed View Post
to the last question:
From the time I have been in the Miata scene- its follow the leader.

its a really trendy car scene.
Apparently you've never heard the following words: Honda, Volkswagen, 240SX, Hellaflush, and 2JZ. If you think people applying what others figured out works on track is "trendy" a quick Google search of the above words will likely make you vomit. If we were trendy, we wouldn't bother to turbo Miatas, we would all just "drop a 2J in it bro!" and call it done

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