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Default 0-60 times guys

After many tests my miata has a 0-60 time of 7.75. Anyone know if a clutch and 8lb flywheel will lower that time?

Can some of you guys list your times and what you have put into your cars?
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I don't know if many people have the capability to measure 0-60.

What are you using, a G-force? or whatever they're called..

Maybe 60 foot time instead? It would take some variables out of the equation.

As for the clutch/flywheel..
In my uneducated opinion, a lower weight (thus inertia) flywheel will make launching that more difficult.

As you already know, too low an rpm = bog. Too high = boil. Neither of which helps get you out of the hole. Now, reducing the inertia of the flywheel will likely make the launch sweet spot that much harder to access.

However, once you find grip the lighter flywheel will "free up" some power, thus reducing your 0-60 time. So it's a compromise. I'd like to hear from someone with actual experience first.

A clutch won't magically reduce your 0-60 unless the current one isn't doing what you ask of it, which is probably the case. If it can't hold the power, or won't modulate effectivly, get that new clutch.
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After putting in my ~8lb flywheel I didn't notice any difficulty launching the car (AutoX), or any drivability issues. The engine certainly reved quicker and as I result your 0-60 should be somewhat better. I really only noticed the flywheel for couple of days after installing it, got used to it after that.
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Using data logs with the Emanage Ultimate and the speed sensor logging, I get about 5.7-5.8 0-60s at 8psi stock flywheel and clutch.
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