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Exclamation Bogging under SLIGHT throttle to the point of dying. Not during idle or mid throttle

I have been chasing this problem for 2 weeks and it is driving me nuts, especially since I rely on my car. Initially the car would bog at random times while cruising and usually letting off the throttle and giving it a punch with a downshift would fix it. It began getting worse so, I replaced my fuel filter(it did need done, but wasnt it), then my pump. Nope. Then my Spark plugs(they needed it too, but werent the cause), Wires, and Coil pack. After all this I was still having a problem, and now when putting the car in diagnostic mode it gave me a code #8, AFM. At this point, I said **** it. I have had an MS3 built by Braineack sitting around for the last month and a half waiting for me to put in, and with that I can delete the AFM. So thats what I did. New harness, Variable Throttle position sensor, AFM delete with new piping and a GM Intake Temp sensor, wideband o2 sensor, Map sensor, sequential was a rather large task for me to do alone over the weekend but I finished! Car starts up fine, idles great, and needs some tuning around the table but runs smooth. EXCEPT when I only give it a hair of throttle. Then it wants to die. It seems like this is the same problem I was having before all of this nonsense, and I am freaking out of ideas. Any experts out there willing to help me out? Anyone live in LA or San Diego that could maybe see it and tell me what they think? At this point I am feeling pretty fed up and helpless about it because Idk what to do. This problem makes hillstarts ridiculous and just cruising at a maintained speed impossible, because if I'm not pushing the pedal far enough and increasing speed it wants to bog again it seems like and jumps way lean.

Anyone with helpful ideas, please. I am humbly asking for wisdom!
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Maybe some more timing needed at tip in point check your accel enrichments as well could be rich or lean datalog your pids aandmonitor your fuel pressure to see what changes during the drop in the mid range
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bogging down, lean, throttle

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