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just wondering, did u do anything to those lug nuts to make them weak in anyway??? im using and i've been using those type of lug nuts on 3 of my cars and i've never had a problem like that...

ive learned my lesson and i dont torque my lug nuts w/ the tires on the floor, i've messed threads up that way and broken studs. i have a buddy press on the brakes, or ebrake on the rear. worst case scenario, i'd have the tire touching the ground only a touch... i dont use a torque wrench, but i use a breaker bar; and i dont use all my weight with it..
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I just tighten the **** out of them buy hand. But I stop when they bottom out and add a little more pressure. That way my rotors don't warp and I can still get them off on the road side. On black Fri. I got an craftman torque wrench half price.
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Just be glad you didn't under tighten them. I had some lug nuts come loose once. It sucks dragging axel on the freeway!!!!! I don't know which was more messed up my truck or shorts.
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well i switched my rims about 5 times so, and i never drilled the rim whoe ever said that, im drilling the stud out...and if you wasted 3 minutes of your time why are you still posting here i thought it was pointless...
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