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Default EGT gauge, what is your experience

So I just got a new miataroadster 3 gauge a-pillar panel in the mail and I'm gauge shopping.

I've pretty much decided on (Westach, Westach):
boost gauge (already got a used cheap BEGI branded one locally)
oil/water temp (2dc3-138,
afr/egt (2dc2-56,

My questions:
Who on here actually uses their EGT gauge and what's been your experience? Looking back, do you feel it is a necessary gauge and why or why not?

Do you only use it for tuning?

Is it a gauge you keep an eye on at the track?

My long term priorities. Daily and track driving. Eventually (sooner than later) running MS and playing around with some e85.
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I've got an autometer that goes to 1600f. If I did it again, it would have a higher max temp and it wouldn't be an autometer. This gauge has been ground at three different points and still has random needle fluctuations for no reason. It's not as bad as it was before, but it still happens on occasion.
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I have an autometer but in 2000f. Mine never fluctuates fortunately. I bought it because WBO2's weren't around when I got it, so if I were to be starting from scratch I would just get that.

It doesn't tell me much, especially now that it's only in 2cyl's worth of exhaust.
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EGT would be nice for tuning, but AFR tells you a lot more, sooner. I still have my greddy egt in a box.

You're going to get tired of searching for the Westach needles, those shitty gauges light up the car when you turn them sideways so I have old-school lightbulb glare in my face, I have to lean over to read the tiny-*** needle which is invisible at night, and it reads 18psi at a real 202kpa. I have the Westag BEGi boost gauge and I hate it.

You should look at Omori because they're accurate, supposedly have longer lives due to quality, and you can see them / they look good.

you make the call:

Also, in between posting "gay for pay" ads, Savington has a link to a probe and some electronics **** you can use to log EGT in MS. That's probably a better choice since you're considering MS in the future.
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Originally Posted by hustler View Post
EGT would be nice for tuning, but AFR tells you a lot more, sooner. I still have my greddy egt in a box.
AFR gauges dont tell you you're retarded....
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