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Old 05-14-2010, 12:28 AM   #61
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I like when people yell "Communist!" at me
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Yeah mine is a 2 for one there. My buddies just do it to f with me now. Which wouldn't bother me except other random people say it all the time too...
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When I had my 96' I was one of the few "younger" people with a Miata among the local car scene. I got TONS of **** for it..then I started takem peopel for rides and scaring the *ish out of them. After that, when someone would make a negative comment about my car everyone would jump all over their asses.

I was really surprised by the general reactino of my 99 when I did the 787B scheme to it.

I thought that DD'ing it would get me all kinda hell. But it was quite the opposite. I had multiple domestic/truck/redneck machine drivers give it compliments. Never got harassed by the cops. Kids loved it and women asked me to sign their boobies because of it. I had people wave me down all the time to ask about it. I beat the **** out of it, it was rice-tastic...but it was fun.

I once had opened the hood for some kid (like 16yr old) who wanted to see the engine. He absolutely didn't believe me that the car came stock with RWD. He swore up and down that I did a conversion and kept asking me how much it cost to turn it into RWD. He swore that a friend of his had one and did a burnout with the front wheels etc etc...

I really haven't gotten much, if any, of the typical ***/hair dresser/homo comments since having the '02 though....nothing from strangers at least. I've has a few of the typical deep-South Mustang drivers compliment the car and love looking at it.
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I once had a Ford GT driver (woman) tell me, "That's a really nice car". I said yours is too haha.

I'd say that the demographic that reliably turns heads most would be kids. They always are like oooh.
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um why would someone say "comunist"?
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