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Default Future project advice

Hi everyone,

Long story short I put a Greddy kit on my 93 many years ago. I have an MS1 running Tunerstudio that Braineack sorted out which plugs into my factory harness. I tuned it with the help of another forum member and it has been more fun and reliable than I expected. My 1.6 is now getting a bit tired. I did the whole college thing, got married, bought a house, got a real job, and now I'm looking at a decent rebuild of the whole car since it's due.

I have been out of the Miata game for a few years and I'm sort of getting myself reacquainted. As such, I could use some broad strokes advice. It will be mostly street driven in the summer, but since it is not my daily, I'd like to attend some track days with it. No real power goals in mind at the moment.

I have decided a 1.8 swap is worth it. Either way the engine is being pulled, and a built one will be going in. Might as well go with a 1.8.


To revise my questions,

1. Does my MS1 and 90-93 harness prevent me from easily swapping in a complete 1.8 VVT motor. I am aware there are differences in the alternator, fuel pump, IAC, and TPS. These are easy fixes. I read several threads stating that swapping harnesses was "stupid", but then others recommended it.

2. If my harness allows a full swap, would I be best suited in upgrading to MSPNP Pro to support the VVT?

I'm currently having trouble because most threads I've read start with a 94+ car. Still searching.

Thanks for the help.

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Look for a 99 motor and buy a flat top intake manifold. That's less hassle.
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A 99-00 engine is definitely my back up plan. I read controlling VICS is pretty simple so I might keep it, but need to compare them (more reading).

My main reason for asking is that locally I can find VVT engines more easily than 99-00. Since I live near Detroit imports aren't very sought after which helps keep private sale prices down. If I go to online I start to have competition.

I figure if I can make it happen fairly easily and pick up some midrange torque it will be win win. If I have swap a harness, get a new MS, add an extra tuner, build a bunch of adapters...I'll just suck it up and buy a 99-00 online.

EDIT: I am aware of Savingtons definitive swap guide. Will be reading it several more times. Should be able to answer my questions.
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You want the VVT motor. Get a MS3x from braineack instead of the mspnp pro. Slightly cheaper and has all the same features.

Wiring changes will be running 2 more wires for sequential fuel on the VVT motor, wiring in the cam/crank sensors into the CAS wiring, idle plug might be different (not sure), changing tps wiring.

None of it is overly hard. Will just have to spend some time looking at wiring harnesses.
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