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Default No start problem

Ok here is the run down of the last few days.

The start of the issues:


I am driving the miata and everything is ok. Ran and did a few earnings I needed. Then as I am driving to the auto parts store I am at a light and the RPM dip real quick and the car about dies, but doesn't and starts to act normal. I didn't think to much about it, and pull into the autoparts store. I am inside for all of 20 mins, getting some oil and junk. Go to start the car and nothing... I got power, and I can hear the fuel pump click on but nothing from the starter.

One of the guys at the store, helped push the car but still couldn't get it to roll start.

After let the car sit for a few hours I walked back to the car that day and it start up first try and run fine until Sat

As of to: 12/08

Basically saturday night went to go to a local DSM meet, get in the car and tick tick tick. So basically I am **** my starter. sunday morning wake up, hop in the car to see if it still doing it, and yep tick tick tick, So I roll the car into the garage and just for **** and giggles try and start the car but this time, nothing just the single tick I get when I rotate the key from on to start. So pull the starter and take it to the auto parts store and it test perfectly fine.

Those leads to tonight. Put the car back together and load and be hold still no start. I now get either the tick tick tick or nothing(just the single tick) . It is kinda random but if I am getting the constant ticks I will keep getting that until I let it sit for a min or so then I may get nothing or I may get the ticks again.

I have tried using a jumper box to see if there was some issue with my battery or battery termials and that didn't change anything cause it still random tick or no tick.

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It's your ignition switch. Take off the kick panel, unscrew the single phillips screw holding it in, a right angle screwdriver works great. Pull the ignition switch out of the key tumblers and you'll see there's a slot on the rotating piece. Stick a wide blade flat head screwdriver in their and turn it like you turn a key. It'll most likely start then. Clean the ignition switch, install it in the key tumbler and try again. If no go, you'll need to do some soldering on the rotating contact within the switch so that the contacts that engage the starter contact each other without rotating the key as far.
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