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Originally Posted by bryantaylor View Post
and thanks for all the newbs ganging up on me. but to add to the stupid arguement about trying to shoot a moving target while on a moving target. how would the gun even be out unless you are stoped? no-one is going to take their gloves off, stand up, take their hands off the bars, reach into their pocket or jacket, grab a pistol, then aim and shoot, all while moving, common sense guys. if there is an altercation and 1 party flees, there is no threat anymore.

yeah, just like you summing up ALL bikers together. yes, there is a lot of idiots on bikes, same with cars. but i know too many people that have almost or have been killed because careless car drivers. whenever i hear "the biker deserved it," i get pissed off.

Yeah, I guess it was stupid to think someone would attempt to un-zip a pocket and remove a pistol with gloves on. I don't know about yours but both my leather and my mesh jacket have big ol pull tabs so that I can reach into a pocket with gloves on. Furthermore, both jackets have a "gun pocket" which is a pocket located in the center of the chest that is easily accessible without having to stand up. I use it for my ID so that I don't have to screw around at the check point on post. Come to think about it, if I had a throttle lock, I could unzip, remove pistol, take off the safety, activate the bang switch a few times, activate safety, replace, zip and roll out in just a few seconds (all with gloves on!). But, tactically, that's not the best choice, as those seconds I used could have been used to just gtfo.

Much better idea is to stop, take off a glove, stand up, remove said fire arm then aim and fire. And, if the target doesn't either slam into you or drive off while doing all this, then they deserve to be shot. Unless you mean wait until the driver of the car stops at their destination and gets out, then since the threat is clearly over, it's simply a road-rage-induced murder.

If you have time to stop and remove a weapon, you aren't in immediate danger and you become a criminal. Self-defense = action taken to stop an immediate threat. I think it would be pretty tough to convince anyone that your best (let alone only) course of action was to stop, brandish, and shoot.

Originally Posted by bryantaylor View Post
if there is an altercation and 1 party flees, there is no threat anymore.
That's my point exactly. For the biker. That's all it would have taken for everyone to live.

From what little info we have, it appears that miata man was fleeing. Attempting to anyway.
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This is lame. **** happens. Bikers should expect that car drivers won't watch out for them. They barely watch out for other cars. When I drive my Miata I am always aware of who's next to me etc. A billion times people change lanes into me without realizing it. That also happened to me when I drove my 3 ton mercedes 1983 300SD sedan... Get over it riders, it sucks and it's a part of life. Oh woe is you? Well you are taking the chance by not wearing that 3000 pound suit of armor. As for beating on someone's car when on a bike, and as for shooting someone while on a bike? You're a much dumber **** because I'd much rather be in my armor suit with no gun and have you and your pistol on your death machine. I don't know why people mourn the loss of people who kill themselves stupidly while endangering other people e.g., drugs, suicide, driving 150mph on a bike (or a car). Yes I think that people should not have to wear helmets and all drugs should be legal but I also think sterilization should be mandatory at birth.
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