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Default Rear sport caliper repair

Hey guys,

I was bleeding my brakes the other day. While doing the rear passenger side, I discovered the bleeder screw was siezed in place. I put a little force into it and the whole bleeder body started to twist. Anyone have a way to fix this? Are the rear sport calipers hard to come by (nothing locally or at Rosenthal)? Am I stuck going to regular 1.8 calipers with an M-Tuned bracket kit? Can I drill out the old bleed screw and tap the hole?

I didn't break it off. Can I bleed the caliper through the banjo bolt connection or will this not be enough?

I still haven't tried my blue wrench yet, but just looking at options as I had a similar problem on a Protege in the past and failed.

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They aren't that difficult to come by. You could always get one from a parts store like NAPA. The price should actually be a lot cheaper than Mazda or a dealer, because you'll get credit for giving them the old caliper.

I would not bleed through the banjo bolt. I think you are more likely to create an air bubble than releasing one.

I wouldn't drill and re-tap, but I would definitely hit it with the blue wrench.
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I had a heck of a time finding sport rotors themselves.

I can only find 1caliper for the sport rears and they come in pairs:

NASTRA Part # 8609899; Set of 2; Reman
Rear w/Sport Suspension; Loaded Pair
$131.79 with a $74.00 core.

that's still way cheaper than getting the m-tuned brackets and standard calipers.
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Any idea how messed up my brake system be if I had normal 1.8 calipers, but the sport MC and sport proportioning valve? I still haven't given up yet, but I don't want to be sitting idle because of one stupid $4 screw.

My driver-side caliper looks to have been replaced, it is still silver and the bleed screw looks like a beefier updated version. No idea where it came from though.

Does Nastra have an online ordering system? They list a single passenger-rear caliper PN # 12-6099.

EDIT: Just called up a local dinky supplier that I had no hope in. $157 for a new (reman?) single rear, BYAHHH!
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After you've hit it with PB Blaster for awhile, give it a little crank tightening it, then try backing it off. Sometimes doing that can break the seal.
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