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Default Teflon on AFPR fuel fittings

Since the other thread got locked a couple of questions to Braineack:

1) if you've added teflon so that the fuel lines don't leak, doesn't that connote that they are in the "fuel stream"? That is, fuel does touch the teflon if the teflon stops the leak. I also noticed that BEGI will not warranty repair an AFPR that used teflon lines.

2) Why not just JB weld the threads?
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You can buy a liquid thread sealant that is safe for fuel lines.

Permatex is what I used on all my AFPR and fuel pressure sender lines.


It's easy to work with and smells like oranges.
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they make teflon tape that is specifically for fuel lines, its pink.
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I just posted about this in another thread. The guy at the Hydraulic store where I bought all my fittings said "DO NOT USE THAT CRAP WHITE TAPE ON ANYTHING THAT WILL COME INTO CONTACT WITH ANY LIQUID OTHER THAN WATER!" There's a another kind of special tape for fuels, but instead he gave me an almost empty tube of some sort of goo (probably Permatex) he said is the ticket for fittings that will come into contact with fuel/oil/etc... "Just a dab will do ya" he said. I put on a drop about 1/2 the size of a BB on the first thread of the FEMALE end of the fitting. I'll let you know if I ever have a problem... you might be waiting a while.
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User permatex or threadlocker on the fittings. Why not Teflon tape? The stuff tends to break off/shread. It then ***** up inside the regulator restricting the flow and damaging internal parts. We can always tell when Teflon tape has been used and cleaned out already by the owner. It will damage or destroy the gaskets, shims, spring, pistons and washers.

We use threadlocker Red on all other threaded items. I don't think I'd use JB weld either.
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I've used the white teflon tape on gas and oil fittings since it was invented. The trick is not to let it get to the end of the male fitting when wrapping it on.

This way there is no tape present that is not sealed between the male and female metal surfaces.
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I do the same, I wrap fuel rated tape close to the top of the threads where it will make a seal far from the fuel source. However it's almost not needed on brass fittings as the are slightly tapered and if you tighten the Ba-Jesus out of them the tend to seal up quite well. But a dab of permatex will do the trick.
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