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Jesus, you ever hear of integrity? Morals? Wake the **** up you left wing, entitlement, gonna get mine, pinko, liberal, commie, obama loving, Marxist, socialist, ***. Did i miss anything? Why you gonna try and rip someone off just because they made a mistake? Send the damn rollbar back, pay for the product you have, and enjoy a little self-respect.
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Originally Posted by hoov View Post
I paid for the padding with the vinyl cover.. $103
They sent me a rollbar(hdhcdd) with padding and leather cover.
OK, there's the clarification. You paid for a vinyl cover, they sent a leather cover. If you want the leather cover instead of the vinyl, then you need to give them the difference of $40. Makes sense to me.

Sounds like somebody slapped the wrong UPS tags on a couple boxes. Somewhere out there is a guy who ordered a bar with padding and a leather cover, who got just padding and a vinyl cover.

Under the circumstances, it might be a nice thing to give you the leather cover at no additional charge, but they're certainly not forced to do so.

Martha and Tom at Bethania are good people. Tom can be a bit hot headed sometimes, but Martha is as sweet as they come. (I'm a Bethania/HD dealer)
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My only interaction with them was putting in a roll bar and a bolt broke. Torqued to spec, it just gave. Not their fault, but if I were them I'd have a word with their suppliers for sure!

Anyway, they sent me a full new set of bolts, washers, and a really nice shirt (which I've since destroyed. :-(

I like them, and their products.

I admit, I'd be a bit flustered with GM for not comping you the covers, or knocking off $10 for your trouble - at the very least it holds up your install.
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Thymer, loyal customers don't demand free products nor do they expect them. In fact, loyal customers understand little mistakes like this and flex with the program. The way you earn a lifelong loyal customer base is by throwing out a $40 bone now and again when the opportunity presents itself.

Your comment earlier about Karma doesn't apply either. I'd say that calling a company who sent you a $500 product by mistake show a pretty good moral constitution, and earns Hoov a few brownie points.

GoMiata should have simply told him to keep it, and also to tell all his friends about what an awesome company they are and be sure to think of them for their next Miata purchase.

But instead they chose "**** you, pay me".

I understand you see things differently, but ^that's how I see it.
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I hear what you're saying Sam. I tend to be a little more black & white on stuff like this. If he has leather but ordered vinyl then either return/exchange or pay the premium and keep it. Sure it would be nice if they hooked him up for the trouble of having to send stuff back but it's not a requirement.
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