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in all seriousness I know everyone is telling you read and there really is A LOT of information to read. even if we were to answer your post about you having miata questions. you really haven't provided enough information for anyone to help you.

honestly though just start reading through the forum. you don't even have to search. most of the threads i find pretty entertaining anyway. I've been a member for 4 years and haven't really had to post much. If I go read through my threads I've started most of them could have been answered by searching other then me wanting justification on a guilty conscious.
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Originally Posted by krissetsfire View Post
just buy the first one you see. it'll save time in the long run. you're just going to waste tons of time and money on it anyway.
This statement is funny and not funny at the same time. I bought an $1800 94 in good mechanical shape but body and top bad. thinking drop some money make it fast don't worry about the looks. Now I am thinking I have $5k in turbo, computer, wheels , tires, suspension. and now i am thinking crap i have a fast miata but she sure is ugly. At the end of the day it will always just cost you.

I have friends who are into older Porsches. They always say no matter what 911 you buy it is going to cost you $25k. You can buy a perfect example for $25k or you can find one for $5k and drop $20k into it.

I agree with the reading there is a sticky that will walk you through what you need to buy then come back with specifics. but just to keep my typing skills up.

I have a 94 right now at 200hp. I try to forget how much things cost.

kit $3500 this was header, turbo, intercooler, all the piping. This could be done cheaper and where you could save some money.

mspnp $500

injectors $150ish i think.

my exhuast was choking me so that was another $200 - 250

so right therei f you go basic kit what it took me to get to 200hp on a conservitive tune.
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