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I don't like this game. It's discouraging.
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Tour de Franzia
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Bolt in the VVT engine, 6-speed, and build the rear end for my daily.
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kill gremlin.
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-rebuild turbo
-tune fuel
-install WI
-'minimalist' interior project
-cluster project
-wrap/paint exhaust
-mild wire tuck
-repaint top of car white
-paint autokon trunk, engine bay, interior
-obtain/install TSE BBK + sport rears
-splitter/tire splats
-ducting/cut hood vent
-necessary mods to use e85 for track?

generally make the car less of a piece of ----.

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Fuel filter
Install oil pressure sending unit and gauge from a 1.6
Fix tension cable in the top
Timing belt/water pump change
Wash/clay bar/wax exterior
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Remove downpipe, weld in wideband bung, reinstall. Put MsPnP back in.
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Originally Posted by RyanRaduechel View Post
Selling them?

My list, the more I sit here the longer it gets


-make some DIY hardtop brackets
-Make tach/fuel gauge work
-1.8 brake swap (just need rotors)
-mount fuse box
-wire head lights
-ducting for IC/rad ~ brakes also
-more muffler..?
-get my BOV to work
-vacuum block

-catch can
I have made some progress.
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I haz no trubo
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-Simplify/redo/rewrap wiring loom
-Get MS3X
-P&P/build/install 99 head w/01 manifold
-Heatshield header/footwell area
-Install heater/defogger for windshield
-Install diff temp sender/gauge
-Install bushings in control arms/swaybars
-Get bigger front sway
-Install NB rear topmounts
-Install Aerocatch pins on hood
-Lose ~50lbs
-Align/corner weight
-Learn to drive
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this is just off the top of my head:

aluminum radiator
radiator ducting
oil cooler
sandwich plate
oil temp gauge
oil pressure gauge
coolant temp gauge
exhaust manifold gasket
install header
install the rest of the exhaust system
new suspension bushings
upgrade sways
turn boring msm shocks into coilovers
source NB tophats
install suspension
new steering wheel
change all fluids
replace pads
replace rotors
replace all ball joints or just the boots, idk yet
fab up gauge cluster
strip wiring harness some more
get alignment done
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Old 06-03-2012, 09:05 PM   #70
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Rear main seal/Trans seals
Put in the clutch/maybe a lightweight flywheel
EBC Red stuff brake pads
Paint calipers
949 endlinks for the rear bar
Mazdaspeed motor mounts
Fix wobbly air box
Buy new glove box
Repaint valve cover
Buy new drivers seat due to small, but annoying, tear
Continue to battle rocker rust
Continue to lose
Be forced to buy new 99 Miata
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Hear me Meow
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My updated list:

- Get resonator welded into exhaust and install exhaustThese plans changed
- Create intake with recirc BOV fitting Still need to paint it, but it works.
- Alignment sort of done
. Wash/Wax
- New tires Should be done today or tomorrow
- Tune cold-start Will probably never be done
- Dyno
- Drive car.
- Install new ARTech exhaust, once it arrives

I changed the plans for a quiet exhaust. I also did an alignment myself, but I think the caster is way off, and I don't trust it, so I plan to get a real alignment done in the next couple weeks.
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Dyno this car and car A/F
Megasquirt to replace band aids then tune on loaded dyno
Learn more about turbo systems and the set up on my car
Replace high psi ac line and recharge R12
Paint hardtop black
Timing belt and front seals
Relocate and reinstall cruise control acuator
Swap SS brake lines from my aborted car
Replace brake pads and fluid
Service trans and diff fluid
Replace plastic bezel around steering wheel
Replace cracked dash pad
Buff oxidation from paint
Upgrade headlights to Bosch
Try my hardest to keep this car as clean as previous owner.

Wow I didn't realize I had so much to do with it. By looking at the list you'd think my car was POS when in fact it's quite nice and cleaner than my previous 2 NA's

Way down the line: pull and go through motor and turbo from my aborted car for future swap into current ride.

Thanks for this thread. Really put the whole picture in perspective.
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