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My parents about 15 years ago had a few properties they rented, 2 seasonal and 1 year round house in Toronto. The bad times outweighed the good they would tell me.

They one rented to some people who came over from NFLD. The first few months went really well, paid on time, the people settled in and made it their home. They had kids, cars and money (not saying income here...). What i remember is that near october they stopped payment for rent on the house. They stopped paying for water and hyrdo and even Bell (phone). My parents gave them break after break and started to get worried when more people moved into the house and the house started getting holes in the walls, windows broke, doors ripped off hinges, cars parked on the lawn etc. It took 8 months to get them out, hydro wouldnt cut power, same with water and though the peoples names were on the bills, the bills were associated with the property so my parents were on the hook. The people up and left one day taking everything with them including the doors, blinds, appliances etc and of course didnt pay. They left on their own. My parents had gone to the courts and were working on getting an agent to evict them.

Soon after fixing the house up to a rentable state my folks took in a lady and her partner (lesbians.. aww yea but no.. butchy). They were both in the trades and offered to do work on the house in return for cheaper rent. My parents went for it and they did magnificent work. Only when the 1 partner got sick and laid off did they opt to downsize to an apartment, my parents then sold.

The 1 season place my folks often rented for free or for minimal. Its on the water and was 1400 sq feet. A few years back i had to go upto it and check on it. When I arrived with the wife and got closer to the front door i could smell a stench of nasty. Opened the door and turned around and gagged. The people who rented the place flipped the breaker on the house when they left which left everything off, freezers, sump, fridge etc. It was one of the worst clean ups ever, we spent hours cleaning up and i barfed a few times. I was so angry about it that i was about to just leave. Idiots. They destroyed all sortsa meats that were in the freezer, shitloads of steaks etc.

Renting can be a pain. I believe in renting basements, shared entrance and laundry so I do not have to live by the TLA and I can kick people out. Sometimes sharing sucks, actually, it always sucks but it does help avoid some idiot making you his bitch.
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Originally Posted by bluemax View Post
I probably shouldn't say this but I'm sorry. It sounds to me like you're more interested in bitching about the problem than actually doing anything about it. Why don't you just ask them nicely if they wouldn't mind smoking outside? Calm down before you go talk to them though. Some people really are not as smart as you'd think. Also, people were raised in different ways and have different opinions as to what is respectable and disrespectable. If they're taking the time and $ to fix little stuff then they're obviously trying to do you right.
For ***** sake man, the guy fucked me. These people have already shown to what level they can be trusted. There is nothing I can do but make it worse. They were looking for a house they could smoke in. They found mine. They found it because I'm a dumbass. There is no way in hell they'd just say "Oh, my bad, didn't know you don't like your house being smoked it. Why didn't you just say so? We'll go smoke outside all winter when it's 30* out, no problem." Yah, I'm sure it's just a big misunderstanding. NO. This guy, no matter how he was raised, has spent almost 40yrs in the US Military. He knows exactly what is and is not respectable. He chose to take advantage of me by simply keeping his mouth shut and it's my own ******* fault. And the fact that they're taking good care of the house otherwise is because they've got really nice **** and enjoy living in a nice place... they're just smokers.

My best and only course of action now is to just deal with it and learn from it.

Originally Posted by Opti View Post
I think some of yall are a little to sensitive. Ive had to clean a few of my friends houses that where big party houses and all of which were smoked in. I dont smoke and after a good cleaning and washing couldnt smell a thing.
You're not a 35yr old mother of 2 who's on her 4th military move in 6 years. Your version of "couldn't smell a thing" and hers... well, let's just say she's gonna be little more sensitive.

And truth be told, YES, I am bitching about it... mostly because that's all I can do. I'd love to tell you that I'm in the process of enforcing an eviction because of violation of the smoking clause... but I don't have a smoking clause. So it's time to bitch, the internet is good like that.

Hopefully somebody here besides me learns a little bit of something.
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I've learned not to ever rent to people because people are evil, conniving dicks who will do anything to screw you.

Case in point: About an hour ago my brother and I met a guy to sell my bro's guitar peddle. The dude rolls up 45+ minutes late, tries the thing out, likes it and decides that he does in fact want it. My bro had it up for $50 and then $40, but not knowing if the guy saw the $50 ad or the $40 add and after making us wait almost an hour, after he said he'd be there in 15 minutes, my bro decided to try for $50. The guy says "It's $35 right?", bro responds with "No, I think I had it up for 50" (not exact quote here) to which dumbnuts responds in an annoyed tone, "not naw, the ad sad $40", fair enough, he saw the second add and thus the price is $40. Now ******** proceeds to hand my brother $35 and goes to get some more cash from his ugly girlfriend/sister/wife, and comes back with $4. So he gets irritated when my brother tries to get $50 even though ******** tries to get it for $35, and knowing how much it is, he doesn't bring enough money to pay for it. Piece of ****.

Sorry for thread-jacking.
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So you try to milk as much money out of the guy as possible. And get mad when he tries to bargain and get it for less. Seems like you are no better than him.
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this thread makes me not want to buy a multi-family house.
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Originally Posted by redfred18t View Post
this thread makes me not want to buy a multi-family house.
Or you just keep wife #1 in one part, wife #2 in a different part, and the girlfriend in the third part of the multi-family house.
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I really want a 3 family.. I'm still bummed the deal fell through for one I was looking at a few months ago. Cheap *** sellers
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