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when im sick, i drink alot of tea and stay well rested. by alot i mean, finish a cup then wait a few minutes make new one repeat. my sickness usually doesnt last more than a day
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When I am sick I drink water like a fish, keep up on my vitamins, and sleep like it is my job. When I can't sleep any more I take a shot of Nyquil and get back to work. Day 2 consists of soup, OJ, more water, and fruit. There usually isn't a day 3.
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Afrin for no more then 3 days. Neti pots are a bad idea. They've found bacteria can reside in them creating more harm then good. Snort warm salt water, followed by warm tap water. The salt and chlorine will kill most bacterias and also dry out the sinuses a bit while REALLY emptying them out. I have to do this once every hour or two when sick, but it keeps me from sniffling all day. Alka-Seltzer is also used at regular intervals. Keep hydrated. I'll say it again, KEEP HYDRATED.

If your athletic at all, I've also found a REAL hard run out in in the cold works also. It raises the body temp (bacteria like a real narrow window of temps) and also empties out the sinuses/lungs. I'll do this at night so no one sees my constantly having to "farmers blow" my nose every block or two.

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