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Originally Posted by Mobius
And how many other breeds of dog refuse to unlock their jaws even after being decapitated?

I apologize, but this simple fact stood out and made it incredibly difficult for me to take your post seriously.
I was exaggerating, guys. Of course their jaws don't mechanically lock. But they have been bred as fighting dogs, and one of those traits selected for in fighting dogs is to tenaciously hold on even unto death.

Also from what i learned from being a father of 2 years now, I am more cautious to how people handle their dogs in public, I am not breed specific. I will kill your dog or seriously injure if it comes after my kid, luckly our big dog is protective of her.
This. We emphasize over and over again with our children how to treat strange dogs. Ask the dog's human if it is ok if you pet them. Approach calmly. Let them sniff your hand. Pet them calmly. Do not put your face anywhere near the dog's muzzle, just in case.

As a parent, it bothers me when other children, who have not been taught this way, assume if a dog is out in public on a leash it must be a friendly dog that couldn't possibly be dangerous. Or when people assume their dog is fine with children. There was a horrible example of this here in Oregon last year, when an almost-toddler was killed by his grandparent's dog, which I believe was an english bulldog. The child was crying, and they left it on the floor, and then bad things happened. Too many people assume too much about their dog or the dog of others.

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