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Oxy will get you way more high so no.
Excluding NSAIDS really limits you to pretty much acetaminophen which is one of the ingredients in vicodin. the other is hydrocodone.

it comes in many different variations of strengths though. you want less hydrocodone and more acetaminophen.

There are other pain meds that don't have codeine OR tylenol in them but most of the time they don't work for people or take off such a tiny amount of pain that its not ever worth taking them.

You could try darvocet (aka propoxyfine/acetaminophen) which doens't have codeine in it.. woth a shot...maybe baclofen too..I'll try to think of some more when I get a chance.
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I looked up Darvocet and it has a half life of 8~12 hrs, so that's not better for my application. Half life of Hydrocodone to me feels like 2 hrs.

Acetaminophen is so weak compared to Hydrocodone that I would hit the liver's limit before it approaches the painkilling action of Hydro..
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See that's the thing: the drugs that will get the job done also come with side effects.
There is no perfect drug.

In your case I doubt there's many other things (if any actually) that will get the pain killing job done in half the time without any of the side effects.

btw there is no smaller dose of vicodin than 5/500.

what about tylenol/codenie #3?

nevermind, that has 15mg codeine minimum.
though it does come in an elixir and you can take less. pretty short half life too
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Originally Posted by icantthink4155 View Post
ive done silvia a few times. Mild doses. 5x. Last time i was laying on my bed watching waves lap my celling for about a half hour. Its cheap and (mostly) legal.




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