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I pay $550 every 6mo. with progressive for two cars and covering me and my girlfriend. Only reason I went with them is because she has a Dui from a few years back and they for whatever reason both were willing to cover and offered the best rates i could find.

oh and she pays her part of the insurance which is like $400 of it
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The big downside for Progressive is that the CEO, Peter Lewis, donates millions of dollars a year to anti-gun causes and campaigns.

Progressive isn't just a catchy, focus group-tested name, but a political philosophy.

Run away.
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Originally Posted by Savington View Post
Hustler, who does race car insurance again? You mentioned a $15k rider for theft/fire/natural disaster for $150 a year and I want to sign up.
I was asking him the same thing yesterday.

I hope things work out for you Joe.

I've been considering getting my own policy (currently under my dad's) after my insurance rates, with Allstate, went up again for no reason. That and the fact that they want $516 every 6 months for liability only on my miata, which I drive one day a month to the track!
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Originally Posted by johnwag View Post

I've been considering getting my own policy (currently under my dad's) after my insurance rates, with Allstate, went up again for no reason. That and the fact that they want $516 every 6 months for liability only on my miata, which I drive one day a month to the track!
I paid $400/6mos for 100/300 liability only on my dad's policy when I was seventeen.
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My first experience with idiot insurers is AMA (Alberta Motor Association). My whole family was insured with them - cars, house, you name it. I had a '77 VW Scirocco that I autocrossed a couple of times a month, and it often had a number written in shoe polish on a back window.

One day, some low-life broke a window in order to steal some cassette tapes (yeah, this was a long time ago). I was required to show up at their headquarters to have the appraiser give it the once over. He noticed the number and asked me if I raced the car. Innocent that I was, I said hell no, I only autocross occasionally. He disappeared and, after conferring with a manager, came back to inform me that they were cancelling my insurance, effective the end of the month.

I appealed their decision, arguing that autocross, by definition is not a speed event and actually helped teach valuable car control skills. They were not moved by my logic and cancelled me. As a result, I've never given them a dime of my money all these years since.

My current insurer is Meloche Monnex and they've been great. When I had my car built last year, I had it appraised and called up an agent. The guy oohed and aahed for a bit and then said to send him the appraisal and he'll take care of it. A manager called me back a few days later to say that they're sending me some paperwork to sign in order to update my policy. I asked him how much this going to cost over my current rate. He sounded surprised I was asking. "Why, nothing sir."

Now THAT'S an insurance company.
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my first insurance on my own was progressive, when i turned 25 i called and asked them if my insurance would be going down, they told me they don't do that so i cancelled on the spot and switched to geico which i had till i got married last june. geico was a bunch cheaper i don't recall the exact numbers. then when i got married we decided i'd switch all my stuff over to my wifes state farm policy, everything was much cheaper than i was paying before even with another car and a motorcycle added on. then i just moved about a month ago and got a letter telling me my insurance was going down another $80/month. so now we're at 140/month for 4 cars full coverage. my bike has it's own policy full coverage and it's like 150/year or something like that we'll see how much that goes down

moral of the story, state farm has been real good to use, other than getting my name spelled wrong like 3 times.
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