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Default I can't beleive I ...

I did something really retarded last night, and thought it might be fun to share. But I don't want to be alone in my shame, so post up your less than brilliant moments.

I was on my way home last night around 11pm. This is about the second time I've had the car out since last October so I was getting reacquainted with the turboz. I'm a responsible adult and don't normally drive like a thug, but the boosts got the better of me.

I live in a new area so it is pretty remote and there are a lot of empty streets where the future development is going. I figure it's time to burn some donuts before I retire for the evening. So round and a round I go, after I was done I could barely see for the smoke. Off I go at a nice respectable speed, and not 50 feet from where I did my HP to smoke conversion is a cop car just sitting there right smack in the middle of the street. He wasn't in direct sight of my idiocy but he HAD to have heard me and from the sound it was obvious as to what I was doing.

I figure I'm fucked and about to get a stunting ticket, I'm 37 years old and should really know better. Drive by the cop thinking up excuses (my foot slipped off the clutch, throttle was stuck open, had a stroke ...) and to my surprise he doesn't pull me over. As I go by it appears that he is responding to a call and is checking out a house under construction. Quickly get my car home and tucked away into the garage. I'm so relieved at this point, so what do I do? congratulate myself on some really nice donuts!

So that's mine, let's hear yours.
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He wrote down your plate, dont go to sleep.

I was driving my friends Mustang GT after he had one to many. While we were driving home every light I came too I would rev at the person in the neighboring lane while telling my drunk friend "DUDE HE WANTS TO RACE, IF HE DOESNT STOP PLAYING IM GONNA RACE HIM". I must have done it a good 15 times on the way. Number 15 however was the most interesting. Im sitting there doing the same schpeal to get my friend scared that the guy wants to race. So I start revving, and revving, and waiting for the light to go green so I can peel away. Right before the light turns green I look over my shoulder to see who's there. Thats when I almost crapped myself, I was revving at a NYPD squad car.
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LOL, I haven't done a donut for at least 20 years. Might have to do one for old times' sake.

I guess my recent "not brilliant" thing in the last month or so has been at least 30 4th gear pulls to redline for ECU tuning. I mean, come on, it's pretty stupid to risk all that $$$ (ticket for over 100 here is automatic license suspension and a reckless driving ticket). After that, it is risk auto insurance for the reckless and suspension. I have seven cars and trucks so it would be at least a $5,000 hit for the increased insurance for three years. A 3rd gear pull would suffice and only get me to 80 or so. A budgetable ticket.

Also, because I am the sales manager for our company, I have to drive for a living. I'm sure my boss would be really pissed when I told him that I couldn't drive for six months.
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My friend in a 5.0 raced a grand national once, cop pulled us over before we got out of second, as he was right behind us.

Luckily he has FOP plates, cop simply asked if he thought we would have won, we said probably and he said have a nice night. He was lucky, in VA street racing is mean bye-bye license.
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Originally Posted by Saml01 View Post
Right before the light turns green I look over my shoulder to see who's there. Thats when I almost crapped myself, I was revving at a NYPD squad car.
I once watched a WRX revving on a cop car at a stop light. I thought "wtf does this idiot think he's doing?" then to my surprise, they both launched
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Haha nice! You're ******* lucky dude.

My friend was with me one night on our way out and I wanted to make a quick stop in one of my favorite parking lots to show him how fun the miata was. I pulled in and immediately started doing circles around the light poles and smoking up the parking lot. Before I knew it I had flashing lights behind me, and in front of me. They were across the street doing whatever and I didn't see them, but they saw me.

I was younger and still a bit stupid and had 2 open beers in the car. Cop found them right away and was like GTFO. Gave me the sobriety tests and I passed (only had the one beer). Put me in the cop car for about 45mins in cuffs. Let me out and gave me a ticket for reckless driving and towed the car. Went to court and the judge gave me 50 hours of community service. I banged it out in a week and it was done.

This was years ago, so I was still in my "reckless" form. I think things through a little more now.
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I was 20, and had my 1967 GT 390 fastback Mustang. I had just picked it up from the glass shop. They had reinstalled the windshield and the rear window from getting the car a fresh coat of paint. The Mustang also had 3" Hooker Pro-comp equal length open headers. So to explain my stupidity I included the picture. I was at a red light with my buddy where the red dot is. I had been driving my stock #1 Miata while the Mustang was in the shop. The light turns green and I decide to show off a little and slide the car around. Well I grossly underestimated the power in the Mustang, and completely lost it. The car proceeds to spin around into a fashion that is pointed straight at the light pole you see in the picture. I am freaking out that the car is going to hook up and slam straight into the pole, so out of brilliance I stomp the throttle even harder. Following the red line I finally regained control and got the nose pointed away from the lamp pole. Then of course I let off the throttle a little, the car hooked up, and we were gone to hide our embarrassment.

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A few years ago I was driving around in my obnoxiously loud 99...with a busted motor. Well, the cool thing about the busted motor was when I would accelerate hard and let off it would throw dual 3-4ft flames out the back. So i'm driving down this fairly busy road at night doing it and this black Jag is next to me...so being the dumbass I am, I accelerate and make the car pop some fire. Well, next thing I know the Jag starts rolling back up on me...so I take off. Got a good run on him too. So I start slowing down for a red light.. down shifting like hell..throwing more fire and come to a stop. All of a sudden the Jag pulls op on my pass side and starts honking. I look over to see him rolling down the window and yelling some ****...and flashing a badge. The only thing I heard was "Georgia State Patrol Officer" and "called you in" and "got your tag". Needless to say.. I stopped laughing and dipped onto as many backroads as I could.

And one not involving LEOs...

I was sitting at Waffle House one late night, just chilling with some friends. Well, i'm broke so I was sipping on some coffee when a conversation broke out about who would do what for a waffle. The cook (who I knew) looks at me and says, I'll give you a waffle if you drift that intersetion" and points at the giant right-in-front-of-the-mall intersection outside. Mind you, county police are ALWAYS passing through there goign from one side of the county to headquarters and whatnot. So I agree to it. I pulled up at the light, waited for it to turn green and proceeded to do 3 donuts right in middle of the intersection. At 3am there wasn't any cross traffic waiting... just me makring off a UFO landing zone. Ben on here can attest to the intersection, it's size and how there are always cops in the area.

I ate 3 waffles that night.
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I had just finished replacing the upgraded turbo in my alltrac (turbo 4wd celica with the mr2 turbo motor basically) and had driven it to work the day we were doing a going away lunch for a coworker. four of us piled in and we took off for the lunch spot.

I pulled up to a red light right turn situation and upon takeoff, I gave it the first big gas since the rebuild and proceeded to spin all four tires around the corner and across 3 lanes of traffic to make a gentle sliding left turn a half-block later. the whole time, a black and white was right behind me.

I immediately pulled to the side of the road and shut it down as the cop pulled in behind me. my 3 coworkers were nearly crying from laughing so hard.

the cop proceeded to lecture me on speeding and driving wrecklessly and endangering kid and old ladies and whatever in "his town" (I lived 5 miles away in a different city but worked in that one). he went on and on for a few minutes, the whole time my coworkers snickering in the pass and back seats.

while we were there listening to the lecture, a truckful of MORE coworkers passed by and stuck their heads out the window behind the cop to make faces and wave.

the cop concluded his several minute lecture by saying "and you're just lucky I'm busy and have no time for you today or you'd be getting one hell of a ticket!"

yes sir!

needless to say we had a nice discussion at lunch
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A few years ago I was in the foothills outside of Fresno heading up to the mountains to do some boarding. It was around 11pm and I was making real good time in my WRX. The roads in that area are great. You'd get some twisties followed by a nice straight...repeat.

Well, I came out of a set of twisties at a good clip and saw a group of cars (3 or 4) going about 35-45 mph, the limit was 55. I thought WTF, and nailed it hoping to blow by them before the end of the straight. So I blow their doors off, going about 85-90, turns out the middle car was a cop, and the guy in front of him was freaking out and going super slow so they bunched up nice and tight. So I didn't see the cop till I was blowing buy him.

Let me tell you, that was a VERY expensive ticket.
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I used to drive an old z-28 Camaro back when I was in high school. Back then, like most teenagers I thought it was the fastest thing on the road… all 5 liters making less than 200 HP
On the last day of school a couple friends and I are sluffing the last couple of classes to head up to our rival high school to pick some fights/see my girlfriend at the time. We pull onto one of the busiest roads in the city, see 4 or 5 cars on the side of the road that have been pulled over. We all start laughing at the fools. My friend is in his BMW convertible with the top down, pulls up along side me and downshifts and starts “pulling” away so I play along. Now I’m thinking “there aren’t any cops left to pull us over, they all have their hands full with those other retards” right after I thought that, sure enough a motorcycle cop gets behind my buddy and pulls him over, I think I’ve gotten away, but he comes around and gets me too.

That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in any car. Going upwards of 85 MPH on a 40-45mp road in broad day light on the day cops are just waiting for *** hats to mess up.

More recently, (Maybe two weeks ago) I was on my way to work. Sometimes I will take the route that takes me past East high school. (You know the one from that faggy Disney movie that all your daughters are obsessed with) I’m coming up to my turn when I see a pink shirt popped collar crew waiting to cross the street, (forgetting that I had just tuned the EBC and had yet to become accustomed to the newly fast spool) I take the turn and punch it a bit early, rear wheels come out like they are on ice and car turns totally sideways and starts floating into the oncoming lane, re-gained enough control to get into the proper lane, fish tailed slighty and took off. Luckily I didn’t kill Zach Effron or any of his buddies, though I wouldn’t have minded.
I got a lot of nasty looks on my way up the hill from the cars around me. From what I saw at least two of the kid’s jaws were dropped. So it was almost worth it. Wont be doing that again.
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