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Default I Need My Head Examined, I'm Losing It

So I have a twin screw SC off of a millenia I want to put on my miata. I made some brackets to bolt it up, but now I realize they could be much better, so I need to redo them anyway. That's gonna take a fair amount of time to get the all right, as the brackets have to be very ridgid and square to prevent case flex, which will kill a twin screw quick.

I need to rebuild the blower as all the oil seals are shot. If I do a DIY rebuild, it's gonna be about 200 dollars for bearings, custom seals, and various other stuff. It's going to take a lot of time doing all this. All the bearings are glued into the case, so I'm looking at a lot of time and 200 dollars to rebuild it, and hope I get it right.

Blower will require an oil supply and return, but I was wanting to do a seperate oil system for it using an electric oil pump. Dirty hot oil tears the seals out in them pretty quick. Seperate oil system would prevent this, but would be costly and add complexity for sure.

Blower also has to have a constant supply of vacuum on all these little ports on it, for oil control. The millenia had a belt driven vac pump for this, so I would need to buy a pump and rig it up as well. Not sure where It would fit though. I bought a used electric vac pump but it's not nearly large enough to do the job.

Also will have to work out a tensioner for it. Still need a piece of 9 or 10 inch roundstock to make a pulley out of, but havent' been able to find any locally.

I already have MS up and going, so that's one step closer. I will still need to upgrade the fuel system though. I have a used pierburg that I plan to put inline with the stock pump. It will be a custom return style fuel system with an external regulator, and large low ohm injectors, DIY dual feed, so I'm looking at another 300-500 in the fuel system and it will be rock solid dead reliable. I'm planning on doing custom 2.5 or 3" exhaust for the SC. I would also need a good header or make a custom one.

All this is going to be costly and very time consuming. It would be awsome when it's done, but I don't know I could get this summer. I work over the summer so I can make some money to spend on it, but I really don't think I could manage to get everything done and it making boost.

So now I'm thinking about going turbo instead. Seems like I could buy a manifold and a good size turbo and make close to 300 whp for less than the cost of all this SC specific stuff and in less time. If I did a turbo, I would like to buy a good manifold and turbo, build custom exhuast, and do a custom IC setup. So what would it cost as far as gettin a turbo bolted to a manifold and water and oil lines and whateve else I would need to make the turbo make boost? I'm trying to compare the cost of a turbo making boost to the high cost of my SC making that boost. Don't consider the cost of the IC or fuel system, as that's gonna be the same for both. Just looking for a number on the hardware to make boost with a turbo good for 300whp.
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I'm loving this.
Used parts are your friend. I just recently lined someone out with a BEGI manifold and downpipe for around.. $500. A use T3 60 like the one i got is between 1-200 used and the ebay turbos markp uses are cheap and plentiful.
Sell your SC stuff. Then keep your eye out. Killer deals come across here and m.net a couple times a month. Just have to be the first person to jump on them.
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I was considering an m62 for my 2L, but decided turbo for similar reasons. I think turbos are just easier to apply than superchargers.
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Ok, some people don't like them, but I happen to think that for the Money (less than $200 shipped to your door!) You simply cannot beat the Chinese T3/T4 turbo that comes with the blue tag.


Yes, $180 will get you a 300+ RWHP turbo delivered to your door. $360 will allow you to have a hot spare sitting there should you ever need it.

They seem to hold up well enough, have the capability to put your car deep into the 12's even on 15 PSI of boost, and have the benefit of being disposable. Add the BEGI downpipe, external wastegate, and a little nitrous to spool the sucker and you have one *** ripping ride.

300 RWHP, ya, did that on a mild street tune at 17 PSI. Uncorrected.

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Old 02-02-2008, 02:18 AM   #5
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Right now the plan is to buy a Chinese T3/T4 turbo from eBay per Markp's suggestion. The ultimate goal is to make a reliable 300whp without wasting money or time. Good engine management will be the key to making this power reliably on a stock motor.

I'm thinking I'll build a custom manifold for the turbo. From what I've learned in the past few days, this seems to be a critical part of the system. I was originally planing on using a eBay manifold, and doing a lot of modifications to it to make it decent. I need to do more research into manifolds, but I'll probably build an equal length tube manifold with a port for the external wastegate. I may buy a premade flange to bolt to the head, but I'm tempted to just build my own from 1/2" plate. I'm pretty sure I can build a flange that's a perfect fit and perfectly matched to the ports on the head and match it to the pipes for manifold. This does go against my idea of not wasting time, so I may just order one, I'm still on the fence about this item.

I'll most likely use a cheap eBay bov, one of the greedy knockoff ones. I'll also use an ebay external wastegate as well. These items are important, but if a bov failed it would cause surge, which would be noticable and wouldn't immediately break anything. If the wastegate gets stuck open, I'll know it from lack of boost. If the wastegate sticks closed, that's a problem but with MS I have overboost protection, so my good engine management will save me. Basically, I can cheap out on these items for now to hold down cost and get the turbo system on and operating, and these parts will be easy to upgrade later on, and don't pose too much of a risk if they were to fail. On the other hand, a cracked manifold could cause a fire, or mess up the turbo, so this will be done right from the beginning.

I'll build the downpipe and exhaust myself as well. This i have done before on other cars. I have a welder and I can buy the mandrel bends and make a good flowing 3" exhaust for less than the cost of exhaust from the vendors.

Sound good? If my logic or reasoning is flawed let me know, I want to do this right.

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You're headed in the right direction now.
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Originally Posted by Bryceness View Post
You're headed in the right direction now.
Yea buddy...
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Pat it sounds like you have a nice workable plan there. I would not discount the money you spend on a Begi manifold etc, vs the time you spend on making your own. But that is just me.
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turbos are usually easier/cheaper and more efficient/faster so i wouldn't think you'd be making a bad decision
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