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Originally Posted by jwarriner View Post
They got busted while loitering/racing but the cars were crushed because they had potentially stolen parts in their cars.
Yep, one was pulled over for a busted tail light, result... crushed car.

Can you say illegal search and seizure? Where was the probable cause to check all the serial numbers? Where was the street racing activity... This is surely going to cause more problems than it is going to fix... you watch... shaved cheater slicks and cheap "saturday night" specials are coming. Why bother registering your bomber? If it's not registered, you don't have to insure it, if you don't have to insure it or smog it.... who cares... you watch... they are going to cause a world of hurt.

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I wasn't aware that anyone registered or insured their vehicles in CA.

There are a few laws on the books to take cars away from criminals IE "fruit of the poison tree" statutes that take away vehicles that the owner purchased with money received from illegal activity, or the statutes that allow seizing of vehicles used in the comission of a felony. Those are all well and good. What I don't get about this case: If the cops found a stolen part, why didn't they impound the car and offer the rightful owner their property back? Seems to make more sense than crushing the vehicle. For that matter, assuming that the car was seized legitimately, why not sell the car at public auction? Or even as socialist as they are, they never thought of giving the car to a poor person?

**** California. Bomb the middle east, bomb north korea, and then if we have any ordinance left, bomb CA.
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I don't understand the CARB crap. I do understand their goal, but why not have a sniffer, and see what kind of emissions the car puts out? Aside from the obvious safety considerations, what else is there to left to protect people from, aside from generating revenue.

Ben's right. If its a stolen part, why do they destroy the parts, and not actually do an investigation? Once again the end user or the symptom is punished for the criminal behavior of the source.
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yea thats aggrivating
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