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Default Idea for a long term project

So... I've been think'n about buying an '86 RX7 (non turbo) that's been for sale local for about a month. The guy is asking $700 and it has a dead motor. The body seems clean and straight, but I haven't seen it in person yet. I will likely try to snake it for $500ish.

The idea is that I want to stash it in the garage and start it as a real project car. I'd like to ditch the rotary. Install a kl-d(or z)e and get it drivable like that. The HP of the kl-de with ITBs and exhaust is comparible to the turbo FCs, but a bit more torquey.

Once that's all functional and drivable I want to finish the miata turbo project before eventually twin turbo charging the KL and shooting for 400ish HP in the 7. Given the the KL miata used an RX7 bell housing I know it can be made to mate up there. The engine bay is FAR larger than a miata so I'm not too worried about the size. It's mostly a matter of time and money. But I have the miata to DD so it can go slow and I won't be fucked out of a ride.

I've done engine swaps before so I am aware of how involved this will be, but I feel I need a project I can really tear into without needing to get to work on Monday.

Any thoughts? Ideas?
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Get a turbo-II car and start off with a good diff and transmission. If you are going to go with a RX-7 and ditch the motor and not get a T-II car, you might as well get a 1st gen RX-7 which is MUCH MUCH lighter. Although the 86 probably has a stronger diff than the 1st gen RX-7, which I cannot remember if the 1st gen got the 7 inch diff or not.

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84-85 is 7" got one in my garage the diff that is.
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I miss my KLZE in my old mx6. Great motor and the sound it makes is fantastic. I've never heard one with IRTB's in person, but i can only imagine it is awesome.
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Was the rx7 bell used in the KL/Miata swap a bolt up? I thought it required lots of machining. IF it did, another option might be the 5spd from the 88/89 Mazda 929. That's an R trans with an input shaft made for a mazda piston engine. The bell bolt pattern is the question.

Also might consider a single turbo setup- there are single turbo manifold kits for the KL out there. And for a turbo- how about the Holset he351cw? They come up on ebay used good condition for $200 regularly. Good size for the KL with a T3 foot print. Rebel2k on the Mx6 forum is making 400whp @ 15psi with his on a stock KL.
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Good points.

The FC n/a bellhousing is what was used in the miata kl swap, and it only took minor modification. Single turbo isn't a bad idea, I just like the look of twins on a V engine
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if you can't get a TII car just swap the rearend in.
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