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Default A little bit of automotive history

We went to this big antique building yesterday to see if we could find anything cool. It took us about 4 hours to pick through everything and I came across a booth with a shitload of ads, magazines, maps, etc etc. I picked through and got some of the stuff that was in better condition.

One of the pieces I got was a guide for the upcoming Metropolitan Automotive Maintenance Show. Just like today the show is in the Port Authority Building and runs in April. This is the original pamphlet from 1937.

I scanned in a few of the pages to share with you guys. Some awesome pages of advertising in here that needed to be saved.

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The place we went to was great. No vendors to deal with harassing you and trying to deal **** you to death. You look through the booths and bring whatever you like up to the counter. You pay the people that run the building and don't even deal with the guy you buy from. I liked it, seeing that most of the dealers are what turn me away from the stuff.
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It's funny to see stuff with $600-900 price tags and know that in 1937, that was the equivalent of tens of thousands of today's dollars.
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Holy ****. 485 miles/Quart. Its just awesome to me how far technology has come in the past hundred years.
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485 miles to a quart of oil, eh. Niice. We need some Super-X rings baby.

EDIT: damn Jeff beat me to it.
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Is that brake drum built into the wheel?
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