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I'm glad we can all agree none of us gives a **** about what the other thinks. You called Obama Osama... Maybe not racist... just ignorant? And with Hilirary... you seem to just like name calliing and bullying; I'm not sure I noticed where you pointed out anything factual that you disagreed with. That was my point. I for one don't like either of them.

On a side note I misinterpretted what you were meant about your German heritage, I was a little drunk at the time...I apologize for that.
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Originally Posted by y8s View Post
Obama, who had his first day in the seante in January 2005, voted "no" on something in October 2001? This is public record. Check it out:

dirty politics IS politics but that has very little to do with how you think the clintons grew up. and it's largely irrelevant. Have you heard of GW Bush who grew up in Connecticuit and has a fake southern accent?

And the special interest stuff is why I respect Obama more. Don't think that my defense of your personal attacks on the Clintons is because I prefer her for president--I don't. I don't think she inspires people the way Obama does and for a non-evangelical non-republican watching Bush go down in flames with rock bottom approval ratings that have dropped steadily since 2001, I need someone around here who will get the blood flowing.

elesjuan: GW Bush's stand on taxes is: drive the deficit to record levels, drive the national debt to record levels, give people a few hundred bucks, RUN LIKE HELL in 2009. 3 trillion to 5 or even 6 trillion in his 8 years.
You got me on the Obamam vote, I misunderstood. He claims he was always against the Resolution, but indeed, never physically voted on it.

And actually, his Bush's tax cuts have raised tax revenue (there's an article on and others). The story of our bankrupting government isn't that we are not raising money, it's that we are spending (and giving) more then ever. Do we REALLY need a museum built and dedicated to a Congressman? And the REAL deficit is closer to 53 trillion (not 9 trillion) when you factor in liabilities such as health care, social security and other entitelment programs that needs to be paid somewhere down the road. Its the same trickery Bill Clinton used to claim his "surplus" in the mid 90's, the government has two sets of books. Look up David Walker of the General Accounting Office for his report on our actual debt.

At least we agree the Stimulus Package is a crock of **** though. Let's borrow money to bribe the American people into thinking we're doing something! yay!
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I noticed you conspicuously left out the war as a reason for the huge deficit...
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Originally Posted by johndoe View Post
I noticed you conspicuously left out the war as a reason for the huge deficit...
shhhhhhh my company benefits very very indirectly from the military industrial complex.
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Originally Posted by Exhondaman View Post
And it looks like she will probaly take Texas, which means several more months of her whining voice.

And **** Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh for telling people to vote for her over Obama.

Even though they are both the same when it comes to socialists policies, I would much prefer Obama over the Shrillary.
+1 Vote for Hillary, for the easier McCain win that is.

The country won't go in the toilet no matter which of the three win the General Election in November. I say this and I can't stand the Clintons. The 3 branches have a good set of checks and balances.

For all you Hippies against the war, it was the mandate of the people and the Legislative Branch. Even with a Democratic Majority in the House and Senate, no bills pulling the troops out have passed. Nor should they. That is the CINC's decision.

Back to the candidates..

They all have their faults, luckily they're all pretty intelligent and have a vision for the country. They all have the best intentions for the country.

Even if a Democrat is put into office, they can't screw up the economy too bad. We have the #1 Economy in the world and the free market/Fed. does fine without most political intervention.

Except for Dr. Ron Paul, he's an extremist. 15% in his home state and not even the majority in his home county/district.

And no candidate has the character and experience that McCain has, for a little taste of what he went through read this:
If you can come out of that kind of situation and have your Honor and Integrity, then that says alot about you as a person. No reason to think he has lost any of that.

Do you think you could have survived as a vietnam POW and said NO to an early release? Do you think Hillary or Obama could have? That says more about a person than the degree's and years as a First Lady. IMHO

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