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Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof
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Originally Posted by mgeoffriau View Post
Health insurance was the killer. I went about 12 months without it when I was 23 because there was no way I could afford it.
Another reason I forced myself into school was so I could get a job with insurance. I was without it for nearly a decade during my academic life, and it sucked having to spend $700 a pop on visit with two specialists for my fucked up organs. Why is life so difficult in the states? I went to Germany on exchange, and for 60 Euro, I had access to all healthcare. The most expensive part of a visit was a 12 Euro copay per quarter, which you only had to pay once no matter how many visits you made to any doctor in that quarter.

But this isn't about me. Sorry for troubles OP, but it does get easier with a bit more sacrifice. You can't always think things will go you way and sometimes you have to suck it up and take on shitty work until things do get better. Even as an admin assistant for a temp agency I was making $16/hour in RI...which used to boast one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Cost of living is another story. Get out of Cali
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We don't have state income tax in Florida, but you tend to get killed riding bicycles here.

Thank you for delivering a better explanation. Your car is easily fixable and will be usable with little work. We have guys in the bay area who would likely help you in exchange for some sweat equity on your part with some of their projects and shop work. Aren't Savington, Emilio, the Pass, and a bunch of others from near there? Somebody who knows the locals page them to this thread, please.
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Originally Posted by Matthew Aubel View Post
That's my roommates. CBR600.. Beautiful! If I had a motorcycle license I'd consider getting a cheap ninja rather than a used car (insurance is much cheaper). I rent a room in a house.
Forget that. A 600cc sportbike will never be cheaper than a well-chosen car. Whatever you might save in insurance and gas will more than be made up for by a $400+ set of tires every 4,000-5,000 miles, and the bare minimum of ~$1,000 in safety gear you need to buy if you want to still have all your limbs by the time you turn 20. And God forbid you need to buy parts for it; you'll enjoy paying $200+ for each brake disc, for example.

If you live in a congested city, parking is a bonus, but if that were the case, you wouldn't need a vehicle in the first place. You'd also need to budget for good health insurance, because hospital visits in the US aren't cheap.

A small Ninja 250 or similar will offer considerably lower running costs, but then you'll be complaining about feeling like you're about to get run over on the highway (there isn't much passing power left over by the time you get to 80 MPH or so). The inability to bring anything with you that won't fit into a backpack can be limiting, as well.

Source: I've had sport bikes as only vehicles.
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