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Old 03-27-2016, 11:41 PM   #21
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I don't feel like I should have to work to get the parts I paid for. Even to save a couple bucks it's a pain in the *** as sometime things are time sensitive. I ended up having to buy the **** locally to get my fresh rebuild running. I really don't prefer this since I paid for something specific. Even if they corrected the order mix up, I now have to do another timing belt job, but it's moot. This was a year ago, I dropped it as I grew tired of pursuing it.

Anybody want a cast impeller water pump I never ordered?

I'd pay extra to get the right parts the first time. (I guess technically, I already have)

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Old 03-28-2016, 02:00 PM   #22
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I re-opened the thread and moved it into this section. Valid vendor reviews will not be censored.
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Here is where the difficultly comes in. I like both FM and Fab9 and I've done business with both and I've had issues with both. FM's shipping is a little ridiculous at times, but you have to remember they are paying someone to sit there and handle all the orders and issues. Fab9 is for all I can tell, just Bryan. That cuts down on his labor costs, but its typically going to sacrifice customer service to someone.
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Old 03-28-2016, 02:44 PM   #24
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Just another data point

I've ordered several things from FAB9 with mixed results. Some orders were fulfilled quickly and correctly, others had wrong parts or were later than expected. Since it's my understanding that FAB9 is a one man show, I'm willing to give Bryan the benefit of the doubt BTW - the mistakes were corrected quickly and to my satisfaction).

I wish FAB9 the best and hope that threads like this will help him to hone his business. It's good for the Miata community to have another choice when it comes to products.

Now if only FM would find out how to ship things for reasonable rates!
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Old 04-01-2016, 01:02 PM   #25
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I placed an order for an S2 throttle body last November. Great initial price so I was fine waiting when I heard it was not available. It finally arrived this March, for reasons outside of Fab9's control, I do believe.

That said, the service was awful. Many empty promises, no t-shirt swag as I was told I would receive for my patience, weeks with no response, excuses that my inquiries had gone to spam folders and finally my throttle body was shipped inside a plastic bag with little to no structural protection. I didn't even receive the original box but rather a USPS ziploc bag?! Dafuq?

Will not purchase again from this group.
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Old 04-01-2016, 01:25 PM   #26
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Now that you mention it, my Skunk2 came in a cut and taped partial box. Very odd.
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Old 04-01-2016, 02:22 PM   #27
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I feel lucky that mine showed up earlier this week (after I canceled my order back in early February to pursue ITBs as an option) in an actual box. No T-shirt received or promised. However, it came out of Georgia, so I assumed it didn't come from Fab9's actual shop. I haven't verified its actually a NB model yet though after seen what Gordon when through on his.
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My experiences have echoed much of what has been posted here. When the communication is good, it's great. When Bryan is away or otherwise indisposed it can be pretty bad.

Without going into specific gripes, I have had lapses in communication where it took weeks to respond, and I have had the order sent to me incomplete. He did ship the missing parts pronto upon me contacting him and in all other regards he has "made me whole."

As an aside, I took a gamble on trying his COP kit and time will tell how I feel about that choice. I haven't even installed them yet.

I will order from him again for sure, but I hope he gets his stuff in order. [7.5/10]

Oh, and I wasn't promised nor did I receive any T-Shirt. I think I may have gotten some stickers but I haven't looked in the box since I did my first inventory check. I ordered somewhere around $2k in parts.
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