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I bet you can get 2017 6's for ridiculous deals right now. The 6 hasn't been selling well overall so Mazda has been piling on the rebates. The CX5 is a great option if you insist on buying something in that segment. But the '17 6 is very hard to beat. The GT model is sooooo nice, especially with that parchment leather....
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Dude, yes. Fantastic car, would recommend to anyone.
I heard some show (motortrend maybe?) say that the only reason it's not selling better than accord/camry is cause mazda is so much smaller and so much less advertising/marketing. I'm inclined to believe that.
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Originally Posted by mitymazda View Post
Everytime I see the newer Mazda6 I like them more and more. They look awesome and I'm contemplating having a car payment for once when the new one comes out! Recently I had a long range shooting match at the top of the state and had a Altima as a rental car- it was definitely nice, good visibility, nice interior, power bla bla bla. I liked it much better then the rental Dart, Camry, Malibu and fusion I drove in the last year. Put about 500 miles on that thing and it drove fine, but long term? I don't know if it would make that cut though it did seem pretty solid. Me and the wife have been looking for a replacement for her 05 Honda pilot that we have had for 8 years now and I'm leaning towards the 6 or the cx-5... I drove a '14 cx-9 because she still thinks she might want that third row and it was nice but I couldn't see crap - blind spot city! The mirrors were only ok but man having all that peripheral vision blocked by stuff is really annoying. The Mazda3 was great too, but I have kids in car seats / boosters still so more room is needed... I'm still trying to justify one though. Subaru's are great but I only have experience with the 2.5 my girlfriend put in a snow bank/ tree ( oh my god what 25 in the snow can do!) And an 04 wrx wagon that you could watch the gas needle move as you drove. Good luck on the car search
Another vote for the 6. My ex-wife has a 2015 Grand Touring with all the goodies (iLoop and such). Seats are comfy, BOSE actually sounds great, drives well, gets out of it's own way decently for being such a big car with a 4 cylinder.........and knocks down over 40mph on the highway with enough space for 4 adults and their luggage, I also happen to think it's a pretty good looking car as well.

If I wanted a competent, daily with no real sporting aspirations, it would be hard to find something better for me.
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Helped my older daughter buy a CX-9 on Saturday. Mid-range, "Limited" trim. Pretty impressive. Really quiet and smooth.
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So, we did pick up the Outback. Initial starts are quite reasonable. No lurching. Harder I press the pedal, the faster it accelerates. On the highway, increasing power has a slight delay, but less than the drive-by-wire Camry has when it downshifts. Not sure how that might change with the learning control module.

Question: should I follow some sort of break-in procedure, including some RPM restrained WOT?
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We just got a 2017 CX-5 GT - sweet car for the money. Easy to get in and out, enough space for daily stuff, decent tech, good MPGs, looks good, not complicated. And you can get $500 loyalty discount on top of whatever else discounts you can get since you got another Mazda. If you are thinking about Camry - wait for the 2018 model, anything else from them (except Lexus or Land Cruisers) is very much a big Mehhh...(I'm a Toyota fan in a way, but honestly - they've gotten fat and lazy there).

I love Subaru's but their tech and packages are kind of outdated. I would still buy one, it just won't be as nice as some of the other cars pushing the envelop.


LOL, just saw the message above. I only read first page before posting. Congrats on new car. yes, it's all in the manual but usually they don't recommend reving it up for first 600-1000 miles. Keeping it under 3500rpm or so and not driving too fast is a good idea. Then do an oil change.
Did you get it with the Eye-sight?
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Yes, with Eyesight. So far, so good. My wife likes it more and more, so a win.

Interestingly, we can not find any break-in recommendations in the packet of books. Just a note to not tow for 1000 miles, so I take that as the break-in period.
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