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Default New game: Real or Joke

I have seen a lot of avatars lately and I have been trying to figure out which are real and which are jokes. I know there was some questions about whether my av was me (not no, but hell no!) and whether it was really even Lance.

That said, here is a new game. If you find an av at and you really aren't sure if that is the person, put it up here and we will try to guess.

Here is my first contribution.

If you really looked like this, would you put the pic up as your av?

Presenting Sausage King. Real or Joke?
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I think they're all real. everyone on the internets is a little fugly.

edit: my av is not me
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When I used to frequent I remember wondering how may of those could be real. But at the same time, I don't think they have the sense of humor to put up anything but their actual pic. And little do they know, that's the real ******* joke.

P.S. My av is really me.
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Mine is a self portrait.


I vote real
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Oh it's real... and I commented about how thiat picture with that name is probably the single most gay thing I have ever seen on more gay than the retard that posted telling people to dial 911 to direct them to what motor vehicle department could tell them if putting a child seat in a Miata was legal or not.
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Are kids safe in a Miata? - MX-5 Miata Forum

edit: all real. I always questioned Lance's mustache until I saw his video
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Allowed Av's for the game from only? Granted it's the right place for them, just want to be clear.

Sausage King - I'd guess real.

Here's El Fez
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Old 07-28-2009, 02:44 PM   #9
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I think El Fez is real...Shriners are a big deal down here.

If I ever catch him at a local meet I'll let you know.
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yeah thats fez. He's a cool guy.
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