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Default Nightmare

So I'm working on my car, getting everything back together. I crank it up as I'm putting all my tools away, giving it time to warm up before taking it for a testdrive. A couple minutes pass as it's idling and I see the oil and coolant sitting next to the car.

It hits me that I forgot to put oil or water in it! I run to the car and it's locked. Frantically I run inside to grab the 2nd key. I unlock the car and turn the car off, but the car keeps running. I must have screwed up something with the ignition when I was working on it.

I run to the trunk and pull the positive terminal off the battery, somehow the thing keeps running. By now it's starting to smoke/steam (I have no idea what, as it has no oil or water in it) and I'm really freaking out. I jump back in the car to stall the motor, put it in gear let the clutch out and it just starts inching forward. Clutch back in, put it in 5th, same thing, it just won't stall. Finally I manage to stall the motor, by this point I'm stressed to the point I'm nearly in tears. I know the motor is done and I'm really hating myself... then I woke up.

I had to go out to the garage to make sure the car was fine and it still took a good 30 minutes for me to calm myself down and get back to sleep. Damn, that was horrible.
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Holy crap, I was about to say...
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What would Sigmund Freud say?

I also use to have this kind of nightmares.
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I had a dream last week (**** drunk of course) that I was tracking the miata, pulling and gripping sooooo hard, rolling over a red z06 at Hallett, and then popped a motor with lots of black smoke and the car burned to the ground. Then I drove back to the hotel and swore I would never build another car...again.

...then I awoke and realized that I was in a hotel in Austin, and not Tulsa so everything was ok. lol
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I keep having dreams that I flunk out of school, and my wife makes me sell the Miata as punishment.

I need to get back to studying.
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