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Originally Posted by UrbanSoot View Post
im from western part of russia and people there will always stop and help. unless they are complete ******** which happens from time to time.
i personally always stop and try to help if i see a broken car on the side of the road or worse - an accident of any kind
I'm from the same area and I agree with you, but I don't think the video is fake.
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is this road like cursed or something?
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wow...thats fucked up...crazy
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yeah, i don't think i would be of any help in a situation like that.......i can't take the gore. hell, i didn't even open up the link.......i'll take your word for it.
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IDK, parts of it look real, and then at the very end when they show the driver's side of the SUV in the ditch, the driver is moving slightly, but at very even intervals and the exact same movement ever time. Unless he's dead and having exact muscle spasms.
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Since seeing an accident several years ago and watching a man bleed to death after having his leg 90% severed by a car running a red light and hitting him and his harley.... nothing really phases me anymore. Little known fact. If you severe a major artery the blood really does pump out in spurts like in the Monty Python Black Knight scene.
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From a professional point of view, if I don't have body substance isolation, I'm not touching ****. However, I try to have at least a few pairs of medical exam gloves in the glovebox of my cars just in case. Luckily, the few accidents that I've been privy to off duty have been clean (read: no people juices) save for one, but he wasn't bleeding all that much and I didn't get any on me.
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