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Default Really ebay?

So I'm at work, doing my usual thing (which is to say...nothing) and reading my morning Saw some threads about turbo choices and started to question my plans for some upcoming upgrades.

I wanted to price some things out, so I navigated over to ebay and started searching. First I looked at some T3/T4 hybrids. Cheap, but I'm starting to question whether or not that is "too big" for my 1.6. I want a bigger turbo, but I also want it to spool before 5k.

This is where my trouble began.

I decided to look at some t2 flanged turbos. Stan of SKmetalworks will be fabricating my new exhaust mani here pretty soon, and I know that he has some extra t2 turbos laying around for mock-up purposes. Also, I was having no luck finding exactly what I wanted in a t3 footprint (large compressor, .48ar exhaust,5 bolt outlet.) So, after reading djp0623's thread, I typed in :"gt28" and I searched by price+shipping = cheapest.

This is what ebay pulls up:

RIGHT as the ******* receptionist is dropping off the paper.
Luckily, she is pretty cool and just kind of chuckled when I WTF'd and she saw what I was looking at... instead of threatening to report me to HR.

Seriously though...A ******* banana hammock? God damnit.
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That looks like mine, but it probably doesn't have my "musk" impregnated in it.
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Old 02-04-2010, 12:35 PM   #3
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1.95?? Good deal! oh wtf 5.95 shipping, so not worth it.
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Not sure if that will be large enough though. I know you are looking to upgrade.
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It's your own fault for searching for GT28 on all of ebay instead of on ebay motors. I bet you don't see anyone on complaining about the number of disgusting car parts that show up when they are doing searches for new costumes for work.
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Originally Posted by boileralum View Post
It's your own fault for searching for GT28 on all of ebay instead of on ebay motors.

^^^ this. plus you didn't search "GT28 -underwear"
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Might make a nice heat blanket for a compressor housing. Now that would draw some comments on cardomain.
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Note to self- don't search gt28 with others around. Thanks.
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