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Default Rimz. JDM azz F**k

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HAH, Good to know the JDM scene is still rawkin.
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I just like how everyone thinks that adding JDM rectifies the reason for high prices.
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Originally Posted by Pen2_the_penguin View Post
I just like how everyone thinks that adding JDM rectifies the reason for high prices.
Flame suit on... first off I am NOT saying I agree with the high prices of "JDM shitz" and would never pay extra $$ because something has a JDM tag to it...BUUUT, stuff that is ACTUALLY JDM, like the true meaning of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) I can understand why things are more expensive. Do you have any idea how much shipping is to bring small quantities of things like wheels/body parts/etc.. to the states from Japan?

99% of the "JDM" **** now shouldn't reflect these marks ups because it's imported just like everything else wiht no substantial cost differences, but there's still things that I can see wherer the mark up comes from, whether or not they are worth the asking price to the end buyer is a whole different story.
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I once saw a guy selling Desmond Regamasters on CL....and was calling them "JDM".....

Another guy on CR was bashing a set of Regas because "they're Spoon wheels and Honda wheels don't belong on Miatas"....no ****..a guy really seaid that about those wheels. I told him that Spoon never mfg'ed their own wheels and that Spoon ordered them in specific sizes to best fit their cars and slapped some Spoon stickers on them....and that they're not "Spoon wheels". He still insisted on stating he would never but Spoon wheels on a Miata ...
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