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Default A Shelf For My Clothes (Who needs a dresser?)

I'm trying to decide how to layout my new shelf I want to build. I have already built an 8' desk and 8' shelf but would like a smaller one to put my clothes on. I don't have a dresser, so this will be where most of my clothes go.

I already have a nice sheet of Birch cut in half to build it out of. This pic also shows where the shelf is going. It will be built into the corner, and run across the wall where the plywood is leaning. The unit when finished will not sit on the floor, but rather will be mounted to the wall. My house sits on a sunken, cracked, and uneven slab so nothing can be completely against a wall or it would lean bad. Plus mounted to the wall it will be stronger anyway. I may end up having a brace on each corner that sticks out that goes to the floor.

Right now I'm thinking of a 4 shelf design, 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide. This way, I can get 4 shelves that are 16" deep, and still have two left for the sides. The shelves will sit on a 2x2 that goes across the back that is fastened to the studs in the wall, similar to the way I did This shelf above my Desk. The short side by the window will also have a 2x2 mounted to the wall for each shelf. This leaves the side away from the corner and the front to be braced.

The edge of each shelf that faces opposite of the wall will likely have a 1x3 or 1x4 across it's length to keep it from sagging. I used a 1x6 on edge for the 8' span on my shelf above my desk and it's plenty strong. However, that would take away from the usefulness of the shelf below it, so perhaps a center piece of plywood fastened to the wall would be a better solution, as it would separate the shelves and support the middle.

So, 2x2's on the back and side towards the window, a piece of birch in the center to support the shelves, and still need to support the side away from the window. Any ideas here? I could brace the edges back to the wall, that would look kinda cool. Could also brace the middle this way. Or I could put a piece of plywood for a side and mount it to the wall and let it support that end of each shelf. What would you do? I want it to look good and be super strong when done, so when I'm dead and gone, that shelf will still be here. Also all this will be stained with red oak and varnished to match my desk and shelf when it's finished.

Also, should I paint the wall between the shelf and desk flat white? The ceiling is semi gloss white, and the door, trim, and around the windows is flat white. I like the blue but there's too much of it. I think painting that one wall would lighten it up some. I have a 4' fluorescent light mounted into the shelf above my desk, so if I paint that wall white, it would reflect more light better which would be good, but too much would be bad. If it's too much, I can change lights though, I think I'm gonna do that anyway. I think a pair of 2' sunshine fluorescents would be better anyway. Thoughts?
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a fan of 3M painters tape? did you just coast the wall with the stuff?
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Haha, yea took like 103 rolls to do it all... but not the first run! No, it's Cobalt Blue. I know it's too dark, but I like it so I'd rather lighten up the room with lots of white trim and whatnot, maybe a white wall between the desk and overhead shelf, stuff like that. I used to have a room that had A LOT of white to compliment this color, and it looked great, but this room has too much blue for sure. I think I'm fixing to paint that wall between the desk and shelf white and see how it turns out.
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your room looks like a computer crashed with all that blue...
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I'm thinking Special F/X blue screen.
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why not make the desks/shelves white too
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I'd paint the shelves the wall color, then all **** would look as though it's floating - hollywood style.
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